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Title Translation of
The First Telesmurf
FrenchLe premier coup de téléschtroumpf
SpanishEl primer telepitufo
GermanDer erste Teleschlumpf
ItalianIl pufftelefono
DutchDe eerste telesmurf

"The First Telesmurf" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Papa Smurf is busy helping Farmer plant his experimental smurfmelon seeds into his fields and watering them, saying that if they work, they will soon have enough smurfmelons to feed the village for a year. Farmer also says that it will make up from the scrawny smurfberry patch. Clumsy and Grouchy watch to see how the planting is done, but Lazy is already asleep. Papa Smurf leaves the rest of the planting of the seeds in their capable hands. As to Farmer's question about what to do about Lazy, Papa Smurf simply tells him to roll him over if he gets too loud.

Soon, as Clumsy and Grouchy go through planting and watering, the smurfmelon seeds start sprouting vines -- lots of vines, and long ones too. In fact, the vines are getting longer and longer, and they're also producing snoring sounds. Lazy, who's making the snoring sounds, finds himself wrapped up in vines and wakes up struggling to get free. Clumsy rescues his friend, saying the vines snore louder than he does. Papa Smurf, on his way back to the village, sees the vigorous growth of the vines and realizes that he must have "smurfed the seeds" too strong, and soon warns the other Smurfs about the smurfmelon vines. They continue to grow until they wrap themselves around the Smurf houses all over the village.

Using the telesmurf

Papa using the telesmurf

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Brainy the operator

As Smurfette looks out her window to see the pretty blossoms of the vines, Handy is hearing voices coming from the vines, particularly Farmer's, who he then speaks to using one of the flowers. Hefty, who hears Handy calling out to him, thinks the vine ate his friend and tries to pull him out through one flower when Handy's voice comes from another, telling him to meet him at Papa Smurf's house. Papa Smurf calls out to Hefty and Handy through a flower and finds out they are already behind him, then he proceeds to tell them that they need to do something about the smurfmelon vines and fast. Handy, who found out that the vines can transmit voices from one blossom to another, decides to put the vines to good use -- he makes them become his new invention which he calls the "telesmurf".

Soon, as they watch Smurfs string up smurfmelon vines on poles, Dreamy tells Baby Smurf that soon he will be able to talk to Smurfs all over the world, to which Brainy says that the only Smurfs in the world are right here in the village. Papa Smurf sees that Handy's new invention is "smurfing right along", but all Brainy can see is that it's "absosmurfly ugly" -- a lot of poles and vines blocking out the sky.

Meanwhile, the vines continue to grow forth, right toward Gargamel's castle, where he is busy with an experiment using an ingredient that he says is perfume to the Smurfs. Then he starts hearing voices outside his castle, and realizes that the Smurfs must be nearby. He looks outside his window, and instead of finding Smurfs, he finds a bunch of vines with the voices of the Smurfs sounding through them. Gargamel at first thinks that it's a Smurf tunnel of some sort and tries to capture some by cutting out part of the vine, but then sees that the vines are hollow, and that the voices they are hearing must be coming from the Smurf Village.

Soon Handy's telesmurf invention is getting out of hand. The Smurfs are so busy talking with each other on the vines, that the noise is driving Brainy crazy, it's also keeping Baby Smurf awake, and it's making the other Smurfs ignore their chores. Papa Smurf gets Harmony to play a "shut up call" to get every Smurf's attention, but as he does, Gargamel is busy following the sound of the village leader's voice, noticing that as the sounds are getting louder, they must be getting nearer. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf has Handy reroute the smurfmelon vines used for the telesmurf to Brainy's house, where he will serve as the operator to make sure the telesmurf runs more smoothly. Eventually the job tires Brainy out, having to deal with Smurfs demanding to use the telesmurf and other matters of etiquette such as "bad language" (which, surprisingly, came from Gargamel being wrapped up in vines), so at the end of the day Papa Smurf has Brainy close down the telesmurf until morning and says goodnight to his little Smurfs.

Out in the forest, Gargamel hears the little Smurfs going off to sleep, which makes him go off to sleep as well since it's night. As he does, though, the vines pick up the sound of his snoring and transmit it to the village, which wakes the other Smurfs up, thinking it's a wild animal. Papa Smurf thinks it's Lazy, but Lazy tells Papa Smurf it wasn't him, which makes Papa Smurf think that it is a bear. With a group of Smurfs now fully awake, Papa Smurf sends Hefty and a few others to go out into the forest and prune back the blossoms.

Smurfette, however, begins to hear Gargamel talking in his sleep about catching Smurfs, and soon tells Papa Smurf about it. He then tells his little Smurfs not to worry about it, that it's just the vines that reached his castle picking up his sounds. Handy then ties a knot in the vines, and soon Gargamel's muttering in his sleep is no more. But now Papa Smurf realizes that the "bear" he sent Hefty and some other Smurfs to deal with must actually be Gargamel, and that he has now sent those Smurfs into a trap.

Soon Hefty and his fellow Smurfs reach where they find a mass of vines entangling a large figure with a big nose and try to cut away the vines when the figure awakes, revealing himself to be Gargamel. He struggles to break free of the vines as the Smurfs flee him, but he and Azrael quickly give chase to them, saying that he will able to follow them through their voices. Hefty and his fellow Smurfs then lay a trap for Gargamel, which he steps into along with Azrael, getting them off their tails. Soon Papa Smurf finds them and gives them a ride back to the village on Feathers, saying that they now know it was Gargamel.

By morning, Brainy announces both that Papa Smurf is giving every Smurf the day off and that he's going to explain the new rules for the telesmurf. Before he does, though, Papa Smurf and Farmer notice that the smurfmelon vines are now starting to sprout their fruit. Thus marks the end of the short history of the telesmurf, which makes Papa Smurf and Baby happy.


"And what do we do about Lazy?"
"Just roll him over if he gets too loud."

- Farmer and Papa Smurf commenting about Lazy sleeping in the fields

"I hate a vine that snores."

- Grouchy's comment being heard through the smurfmelon vine as it wraps around a Smurf house

"Handy! Hefty! Where are you?"
"We're here, Papa Smurf!"
"Where is 'here'?"
"Behind you."
[Looks and sees them] "Oh, there you are."

- Papa Smurf talking to Handy and Hefty through the smurfmelon vine

"Look, Baby...pretty soon you'll be able to talk to Smurfs all over the world."
"Don't be ridiculous, Dreamy...all the Smurfs in the world are right here."

- Dreamy and Brainy commenting on the telesmurf

"What do we have here...some kind of a Smurf tunnel? Very clever for creatures that are basically stupid!"
"Stupid? Who are you calling stupid, Brainy?"
"I didn't say that."

- Gargamel's comment on the smurfmelon vines accidentally picked up by Hefty responding to Brainy

"Oooh, those stupid vines! Drat and double drat!"
"Eh, eh, eh...any Smurf using bad language will have his vines removed. Is that perfectly clear?"
"Sorry about that."

- Brainy inadvertently scolding Gargamel as he curses for being tangled up in smurfmelon vines

"Brainy, I need to make an emergency call to Smurf-"
"Sorry, Greedy, the vine is busy."

- Greedy and Brainy on the telesmurf

"Lazy, stop that unsmurfy snoring!"
"It wasn't me, Papa Smurf!
[Loud snoring continues] "Uh is a bear!"

- Papa Smurf and Lazy on the telesmurf, when Papa Smurf thinks the loud snoring is coming from Lazy

Background Information

  • A comic book version of this story, "The Telesmurf", appears in the book Baby Smurf Wants A Bear.
  • At this point in the Smurf cartoon show's universe history, when Brainy tells Dreamy that "all the Smurfs in the world are right here [in the village]", Grandpa Smurf, Wild Smurf, and Nanny Smurf had not yet shown up or been revealed.