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The Goblin Of Rocky Wood (Le Lutin du bois aux roches in the original French) is a "Johan and Peewit" comic adventure written and drawn by Peyo. It was first published in Spirou magazine in 1954 and later appeared in book form. It is notable for introducing the characters of Peewit and his goat Biquette who would be Johan's constant companions in subsequent stories.

Plot Summary

Peasants come to the King complaining about a goblin who has been haunting a nearby forest called Rocky Wood. The goblin is known as Peewit because he always shouts "Peeewwwiiittt" when escaping after stealing food or playing pranks. He even steals pastries intended for the King!

Johan goes to the wood and meets Peewit who turns out to be a homeless dwarf. Johan concludes that Peewit is not evil, just mischievous and trying to survive, so he offers to employ him as the King's jester. While Peewit waits in the wood, Johan goes to see the King but, before he can raise the subject, two battered soldiers arrive at the castle. They claim that they were part of a group of guards escorting the King's niece Princess Anne. In the wood they were attacked by Peewit who, displaying superhuman strength, scattered the soldiers and kidnapped the Princess. Furious, the King sends all his men to rescue the Princess and to get Peewit dead or alive!

Johan manages to find Peewit who reveals that he witnessed the attack on the Princess and her escort by another group of men, two of whom then dressed as soldiers and went to the King's castle. Believing him, Johan smuggles Peewit into the castle and then serves the two men with wine. The two men get drunk and, unaware that Peewit is hiding in their room, reveal that the Princess was really kidnapped by a local lord called Girard de Waltriquet.

The next morning, without telling anyone, Johan and Peewit set off for Waltriquet's castle. There they see one of the King's knights, Sir Piefroy, leave. Johan confronts Piefroy, accusing him of helping Waltriquet kidnap the Princess, but Waltriquet and his men then appear and Johan is taken prisoner. In his castle, Waltriquet admits to Johan that it was he who kidnapped the Princess and framed Peewit for the crime. Piefroy will now tell the King that he has met Peewit who demands a ransom for the Princess. The King, accompanied only by Piefroy, will deliver the ransom but then be seized by Waltriquet who will then demand an even larger amount and several fiefdoms which will make him even more powerful than the King!

Johan also meets the real brains behind the scheme: Guillaume, former henchman of Basenhau!

Peewit manages to sneak into the castle where he causes chaos and confusion by running around and shouting "Peeewwwiiittt" while evading the guards. He releases Johan from his cell and they also free the Princess. As they try to escape, however, they are caught up by Guillaume, Waltriquet and their men and forced to take refuge at the top of a tower after locking a solid door behind them.

In a chest they find some old clothes with which they make a rope. That night, Peewit uses it to escape. He returns to the King's castle just in time to prevent him from leaving with Piefroy and reveals Waltriquet's scheme. To further prove his innocence, he also tricks the two soldiers into admitting that they work for Waltriquet. Convinced, the King leads his army to Waltriquet's castle and attacks. Johan and the Princess are rescued from the tower and Waltriquet is taken prisoner.

Guillaume escapes through a secret passage, but Johan and Peewit go after him. Peewit's goat Biquette catches up with Guillaume and gives him such a beating with her horns that he surrenders. Back at the King's castle, Peewit is allowed to work there as a court jester. However, he insists on not wearing the traditional jester's outfit, saying it makes him "look like a fool".

In Other Media

This adventure would later be adapted as an episode of the Smurfs cartoon series entitled "The Goblin of Boulder Wood".