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"The Good, The Bad, And The Smurfy" is a Season 2 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

King Argon and his men have gone to the frogs!

Out in the forest, a wizard named Mordain is busy gathering ingredients and complaining about the things that he's been gathering when he hears the Smurf song nearby. It is the Smurfs who are also nearby gathering ingredients for Papa Smurf's experiments, with Brainy finding the pondsnort by Clumsy accidentally bumping him into the muckpond. They are all set to return to the village when Papa Smurf stops them from going any further, hearing something rustling in the bushes. He then tells his little Smurfs to run for it, but Mordain jumps out of the bushes and traps them inside a basket, examining his captives when Smurfette grabs him by the nose. Mordain introduces himself to Smurfette as the wizard to King Argon before he puts her back into the basket and takes his captives back to his kingdom, saying maybe he can find a use for them.

In Mordain's lair inside King Argon's castle, the human wizard dumps the captive Smurfs into a tall glass jar from which they cannot escape, saying that that should hold them when he hears a bell summoning him. It is his king, who is now suffering from a stomachache as are his loyal knights. He tells Mordain to prepare a potion that should ease their pains, which the wizard says he will do. Back in his lair, the Smurfs try to make their escape from the tall jar by forming a tower, but it collapses and they all fall back into it. Then Mordain reenters and looks through his books to find a stomachache potion and, finding none, he mixes up a little something that hopefully will do the trick. What he fixes up, though, causes fumes that make his captive Smurfs choke from how noxious it is. Papa Smurf then offers to help Mordain by telling him the ingredients that he needs to cure a stomachache, but the human wizard just laughs as he takes what he has mixed up to the king. Papa Smurf sighs, saying to his little Smurfs that Mordain can't say that he didn't warn him.

Surely enough, Mordain's attempt at a stomachache cure potion doesn't work on King Argon, making him feel worse than ever. He threatens to put the wizard in the dungeon if he doesn't come up with a potion that works. Meekly Mordain crawls away and heads back to his lair, where Brainy tells the wizard that Papa Smurf knows all about potions, and Papa Smurf is willing to work on a formula to cure the king's stomachache but only if the wizard promises to let them go. Mordain agrees, saying that his word is a word of honor, and so Papa Smurf is instantly at work with the formula which is presented to King Argon. This makes the king feel better and praise Mordain for his work. However, after he reports its success to the captive Smurfs, he goes back on his promise to them and says that they are now staying and will do what he says. To show that he means business, Mordain puts the bottom of the tall jar toward the flame of the candle, threatening to toast their little blue hides if they don't comply.

That night, as Mordain falls asleep in his chair, the captive Smurfs tilt the tall jar until it is rolling down the table and then jump out of it before it falls off and breaks. Mordain wakes up briefly to see what's going on, only to see his captive Smurfs safe within a jar (which they are actually hiding behind) before he goes back to sleep. They make it out into the hallway, but as they approach the stairs which Papa Smurf remembers as how they entered the castle, their path is blocked by a guard. They duck inside the king's bedchamber, with Papa Smurf seeing that the window by the king's bed is their only way out. They quietly try to sneak over to the window by passing by the king on his bed, but he awakens and captures them, wondering who they are. The Smurfs explain that they are captives of Mordain, so the king goes to the wizard's lair and questions him about the Smurfs. Mordain feebly answers that the Smurfs are simply performers that he was saving to present to the king for his birthday, with Papa Smurf being the one that he keeps in his laboratory to clean the hard-to-reach places in it. The king accepts Mordain's answer and hands back the captive Smurfs to the wizard, who tells Smurfette that the show must go on.

Back in the village, Hefty calls his fellow Smurfs to the attention that Papa Smurf and a few others are way overdue and that they need to find them. He selects the Smurfs that will go with him to track down the lost Smurfs. As the search starts, Tracker puts his nose to the ground to sniff out their scent and comes to a stop when he finds out the Smurfs' scent ends where Mordain has captured them. Near where the scent trail stops, Tracker also finds human footprints going off in another direction. Eager to get his hands on the human who has "smurfnapped" Papa Smurf and his fellow Smurfs, Hefty has his team of Smurfs to go follow the trail where it will lead them.

In Mordain's lair, Smurfette, Brainy, and Clumsy are now dressed in jester's hats and locked up in a cage. Smurfette and Clumsy wonder where Papa Smurf is, with Brainy assuring them that Papa Smurf will never let them down. Then Mordain appears with Papa Smurf riding on his shoulder, who seems rather compliant and is calling Mordain his "friend", saying that he has been helping the wizard with an experiment. His little Smurfs are puzzled as to what's causing Papa Smurf's change of heart, but the human wizard leaves them with no time to ask their leader any questions, as he now takes them to entertain King Argon and his knights. On their way there, Smurfette tells her fellow Smurfs that they should sing badly so that the king will let them go.

At the king's dining table, King Argon tells the Smurfs to start singing and so they do, singing so terribly that the king and his men block their ears with their hands. King Argon asks Mordain what the meaning of this terrible singing is, and Mordain answers that the Smurfs must have sore throats but are very good dancers. As the wizard now commands his captives to dance, they now dance so horribly that the king says they give him a stomachache. Smurfette whispers to Brainy that her plan is working, but then Clumsy trips and causes a spoonful of mush to go splat in a knight's face, making the king laugh as well as his other men. Their terrible dancing only makes the king and his men laugh even more, making him so pleased that he tells Mordain that they shall perform at his birthday banquet tomorrow. Then Papa Smurf joins his little Smurfs on the table after the king slaps Mordain on the back and causes the village leader to fly onto the table. Smurfette asks if he is going to help them escape, but Papa Smurf doesn't want to escape, telling his little Smurfs that the castle is his home now. Smurfette realizes that Mordain has put a spell on Papa Smurf, and Mordain tells her that if she and her fellow Smurfs don't cooperate, he will put a spell on them too.

Out in the forest, Hefty and his team of Smurfs follow Tracker as he continues to sniff out the scent of the human that has taken the other Smurfs. They are apparently on the right track, which makes Hefty so eager to give their captor a taste of his fists until he sees that his fellow Smurfs are all tuckered out from following him and Tracker. The two Smurfs simply shrug their shoulders.

In Mordain's lair, Papa Smurf is busy helping Mordain put together a formula that the village leader claims will work. The human wizard looks around for a test subject until he sees one of the king's knights at his door, complaining about a stomachache. Mordain offers the formula to the knight, claiming it will ease his pains, but after ingestion, it is clear that the formula turns the knight into a frog. Mordain sees that the formula works and now he can use it to carry out his plan.

Hefty and his team of Smurfs have now come near King Argon's castle, which is where the scent of the human leads to. They begin to cross the drawbridge into the castle, but then they hear knights on horseback coming out of the castle. They barely dodge in time to avoid being trampled by the cavalry, and then the drawbridge closes on them, causing them to be trapped inside the castle. Tracker picks up the scent again, but then they see Mordain passing by with Papa Smurf riding on his shoulder and duck out of the way until they pass by. As the team of Smurfs wonder why Papa Smurf is calling Mordain his master, Tracker finds the room that the captive Smurfs are locked in. Hefty has the team of Smurfs use a balance to catapult him to the cage that Smurfette, Brainy, and Clumsy are locked in and uses his strength to open the cage's door. The now-freed Smurfs hide out along with the others in Mordain's lair as Mordain enters with Papa Smurf and sees that his captives are gone. He tells Papa Smurf to build some more rockets while he goes off to find the escaped Smurfs.

After Mordain is gone, the other Smurfs come out of hiding to find the formula that will remove the spell the human wizard put on Papa Smurf, but now they need Papa Smurf to mix it up. Smurfette tells him that they have found a formula that will make their singing and dancing a whole lot better. Papa Smurf eagerly helps his little Smurfs mix up the formula, but no sooner is it finished that Smurfette sprinkles it on Papa Smurf, causing him to sneeze and to remember that he is a captive of Mordain. Just as Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that they must escape, Mordain returns and finds himself with more Smurfs in his lair. Papa Smurf acts as if he's still under Mordain's spell, saying that the others have come to rescue him but he instead has captured them. Mordain is pleased that he now has more Smurfs to work his plan with.

At the king's birthday banquet, King Argon is pleased to see Mordain bring more of the Smurf entertainers to his dining table and orders for the minstrels to play. Mordain, however, has something else to show the king first: fireworks which he launches into the night sky through the window that the king and his men watch, causing him to praise his loyal wizard. The next set of fireworks, though, go off inside the dining hall, turning the king and his men into frogs. Mordain laughs as he makes his way across the dining table sweeping all the gold plates and serving utensils into a sack. But then he sees that the Smurfs have escaped during the distraction and goes after them, cutting off their escape by closing up the drawbridge before they can completely cross it. However, as Mordain tries to capture them once more, Papa Smurf uses a transformation spell on the wizard, changing him into a frog. The king and his men chase Mordain out of the castle, where he winds up in the moat eating flies.

After Papa Smurf changes the king and his men back to normal, King Argon is informed of Mordain's treacherous action which the Smurfs had stopped and reversed. King Argon is pleased with what the Smurfs did for him that he offers his golden goblet to them as a reward, but Papa Smurf tells him that they have no need for gold, and Smurfette says that they just want to return home, which the king allows them to do. Just before they leave, however, Jokey gives the king a parting gift, one of his "surprises" that explodes upon opening, which makes his men laugh as well as Jokey.


  • The awful song Smurfette, Brainy, and Clumsy sang was called "It's a Smurf Day", which was sung in the end.
  • The title is an obvious reference to the 1966 legendary spaghetti western The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly.