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"The Lost City Of Yore" was an episode that appeared in Season 2 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

It is a nice quiet day out in the Smurf Forest that Smurfette enjoys, just sitting by a tree writing in her diary until she realizes it's time for lunch and so she goes off to pick a basket full of smurfberries. She leaves her diary by the tree, unaware that a Smurf that was watching her from behind the tree is now creeping toward the diary to find out if she was written anything about him in it. But as he pores through the pages to find out, Smurfette calls out his name, Nosey, and he ends up dropping the diary into the pond. She dives in to rescue it, saying that it's now ruined. Though Nosey offers to shake it out to dry, she takes the diary from him and walks off, questioning in anger why he's so nosy. All Nosey could say to the audience is that he took a peek.

Some situations are just not worth sticking your nose into.

Later on in the village, Nosey smells something good cooking in Greedy's kitchen. He sneaks in, thinking nobody will notice if he takes a peek, and opens the oven door to find out that it's a souffle, but then it suddenly collapses. Greedy comes in and finds out what Nosey has done, chasing the curious Smurf out of his kitchen by hurling pies at him. Outside of the kitchen, the curious Smurf wonders to himself why every Smurf is so touchy.

Nosey soon sees Brainy and Clumsy standing at the door of Papa Smurf's laboratory and asks what's going on in there, and both of them refuse to let Nosey find out, saying that it's a super-secret experiment and they have orders to keep every Smurf out, including Nosey of all Smurfs. But Nosey sees an open window and climbs in to watch Papa Smurf add the final ingredient, only to interrupt him at a crucial moment with a question, causing an explosion in the laboratory. Nosey wonders what he has done, and Papa Smurf tells him that he has ruined the experiment.

At this point, Brainy and Clumsy come in to tell Nosey that all he does is snooping and that they are causing the other Smurfs trouble. Nosey said that he didn't mean to, but Greedy comes in to point out that's what he always says. Smurfette also enters, adding that he keeps smurfing into others' businesses where they don't belong. This makes Nosey wonder what's wrong with being curious. Papa Smurf says there's nothing wrong with it and that being curious is a good thing, but nosiness is bad. Smurfette claims that she gets mad whenever Nosey sticks his nose into her business, to which Papa Smurf agrees and so do the other Smurfs. Nosey doesn't mean to cause problems and questions of having trouble learning about life. He promises to make it up to Papa Smurf, who gives him a list of ingredients he wants Nosey to get out in the Great Swamp. And to make sure that Nosey keep his nosiness out of trouble, Papa Smurf is sending Brainy and Clumsy to go with him to fetch the items, which makes the two Smurfs groan.

Later in the swamp, Nosey, Brainy, and Clumsy have gotten all but one of the items on the list, which turns out to be Smurf thistles. He finds a patch of them growing nearby and collects a bunch, with Brainy telling Nosey to hurry up because the swamp is giving him the creeps. Soon they hear a voice from the swamp complaining about work, and this peaks Nosey's curiosity where he decides to investigate, despite Brainy reminding him of Papa Smurf's warning. Brainy and Clumsy rush after Nosey as he peeks through the tall grasses and sees two witches poking around the swamp with sticks, saying that every day they go out to look for the lost scroll and they never find it. As they wish for some good luck to come their way, Brainy and Clumsy find Nosey and try to pull him away from the scene, but Nosey then grabs onto a blade of tall grass and then they are catapulted in the direction of the witches.

They soon pick up the three Smurfs and wonder if there are any more of the "little blue beasts" in the swamp. One of the witches reaches into the murky waters and finds a chest which she pulls out and opens, which contains the scroll they were looking for. The scroll contains directions to the lost city of Yore, which the witches are hoping to find, and now that the Smurfs helped them to find the scroll, they intend to use their captives to help bring them more good luck. The two witches get upon their broom with the three Smurfs and fly off into the sky.

Late at night in the swamp, the evil wizard Gargamel ascends a wooden walkway to visit some hags that he hopes to buy some magic powder from, with his cat Azrael following him. He knocks on the door of their house to see if anybody is there, and finding nobody home, he decides to enter and help himself to their potions to save himself the money and trouble. But then the hosts of the house return -- the two witches seen earlier -- which makes Gargamel and Azrael go and hide themselves so as not to be seen. The witches place the three Smurfs in the cage, then notice that somebody else is in the house. They find Gargamel behind a curtain and demand to know what he's doing there. The witches use their power to discover that he's been helping himself to their potions, which he claims Azrael was stealing. He soon gets chased out of their house along with his cat.

But then Gargamel overhears the witches talking to the Smurfs and finds out that they have the blue beings in their possession, hoping that with their help they will find the most powerful instrument of evil, the Scepter Of Yore. This makes Nosey curious to ask more questions, until Brainy and Clumsy silence him by pulling Nosey's Smurf hat over his face. The witches explain that Yore is a great wizard who lives in the lost city, and that he created a scepter that is capable of unlimited evil. Gargamel overhears this even as the witches go off to bed and rest until dawn to start the search, saying that he's going to follow the witches to the lost city and claim the scepter for himself, intending to use the scepter's power against the Smurfs.

Meanwhile, Papa Smurf leads a group of Smurfs out into the swamp in search of Nosey, Brainy, and Clumsy when Handy finds the bag of ingredients that Papa Smurf sent Nosey to collect. As they continue on with the search, they come across Gargamel and Azrael sleeping, believing that he knows something of where the three missing Smurfs are. Papa Smurf quietly creeps toward the evil wizard and whispers in his ear that it's the voice of his conscience and asks where the Smurfs are. Gargamel mutters in his sleep that they're in the lair of the two hags, which makes the other Smurfs in the group gasp. Now they need to get past the wizard and his cat so they can go up into the witches' lair, but then Azrael stirs in his sleep, swiping his paws around as if he senses Smurfs nearby. The Smurfs sing a lullaby to get Azrael to go back to sleep again, which he does.

Inside the witches' lair, Brainy blames Nosey's curiosity for getting them into this mess and says that Papa Smurf will never be able to find them when Clumsy notices the village leader and several other Smurfs on the table underneath. They yank on the rope attached to the cage, and it opens, allowing the three Smurfs to escape. But as the Smurfs try to quietly leave the lair, Nosey gets stopped by his curiosity wondering what's in the scroll the witches have found and tries to open the scroll to get a peek when it closes on him and traps him inside. The scroll then rolls around and causes a bottle to break, waking up the two witches to see that the Smurfs are escaping. They use their powers to capture the Smurfs and place them in a carrying case, saying that it's now time to look for the lost city of Yore as they now fly off on their broom.

The Lost City Of Yore, where the scepter is located.

Gargamel and Azrael follow after the witches as they follow the instructions on the scroll that will lead them to their destination. Soon they find the lost city, which is surrounded by a wall of flame, and they eagerly anticipate having possession of the Scepter of Yore when Gargamel catches up to them and lassos the two witches together. He takes their broom and the captured Smurfs in the carrying case and then flies off, but Gargamel has difficulty flying the broom in the direction he wants to go although it eventually brings him inside the city's walls. The two witches simply create another broom which they will use to fly into the city and collect their prize.

The Smurfs emerge from a bale of hay that they landed in, and so also does Gargamel, who gives chase after them until they enter a mouse hole inside a house, with Azrael using his claw to pull out his prey. While Gargamel runs off to find the wizard Yore, Hefty finds a loose stone in the wall and the others help him push it through the wall so they can escape. They see in a hallway that the evil wizard is trashing the rooms in the city's castle, looking for the scepter. Papa Smurf realizes from Gargamel's fruitless search that the scepter is not on that floor and so head off to the next floor without the wizard noticing them.

They come across a door with an evil face on it, and Papa Smurf senses great evil coming from behind that door, cautioning Nosey as he is wondering what's behind it. The evil is giving the Smurfs "smurfbumps", so Papa Smurf says that he'll go in first to have a look. The others cautiously follow, until Nosey notices a box glowing on a table and wonders where the wizard of that city is. Papa Smurf says he has found him, as he points to a pile of ashes on the floor and says that the scepter that Yore created must have turned him into that. The village leader reads from Yore's notes that the scepter was so evil, he was barely able to get it back in the box. Nosey gets curious and tries to look inside the box, but Papa Smurf pushes him away from it, only to be knocked unconscious by the box's power.

Hefty and Smurfette blame Nosey for his snoopish behavior getting them into trouble, and a sudden guilt-stricken Nosey tearfully says that he won't be nosy anymore. But then Gargamel appears in the room, ready to take possession of the box containing the scepter when the two witches fly into the room and get into a tug-of-war with the evil wizard over the scepter. This goes on until the scepter flies out of the box and causes Gargamel and the witches to be tangled with each other, unable to get their hands on it. The Smurfs decide to use the witches' broom to dispose of the scepter once and for all by pushing it into the fiery moat below the castle, destroying it for good. Papa Smurf awakens and the Smurfs are glad to see him alive again, but their celebration is cut short by a rumbling that's causing the castle to collapse. Papa Smurf believes that destroying the scepter must have broken the spell and they must now flee the castle.

Soon the Smurfs make it safely out, and they watch as the witches torment Gargamel by chasing him around the swamp. After the villains depart, Smurfette scolds Nosey for his nosiness nearly getting them all killed. This makes Nosey wonder what's wrong with being curious. Brainy Smurf intended to describe a lesson to all of this: "Curiosity killed the cat". Papa Smurf corrects him by saying that curiosity can be a good thing. In response, Brainy tries to offer his words of wisdom regarding curiosity. This only got him hurled onto his head, making him curious as to why they would do that as the episode ends with a closing fade.


“Hi, Brainy! Hi, Clumsy! Eh, what’s goin’ on? Huh? Huh? Huh?”
“We’re guardin’ Papa Smurf’s lab!”
(whispers) “Guardin’ it? What for? Huh? Huh?”
“Uh, I can’t tell ya!”
“It’s hush-hush! Papa Smurf’s working on a super-secret experiment!”
“Yup! An’ we have orders to keep everysmurf out!”
“And that goes double for you, Nosey Smurf!”
“Yeah! Double!”

- Nosey trying to get information from Brainy and Clumsy about Papa Smurf’s secret experiment.


  • The only Smurfs episode to be animated at Filman, an animation studio in Madrid, Spain (headed by Carlos Alfonso and Juan Pina) who did a lot of animation work for Hanna-Barbera between the early 1970s through the mid-1980s. This explains why the backgrounds look different from Hanna-Barbera's in-house and Australian units.


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