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"The Magic Fountain" is a Johan and Peewit episode that appeared in Season 2 of the 1980s Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Several of the Smurfs accompany Sir Johan and Peewit on an ocean voyage. Peewit suffers from seasickness, but when the ship runs into a storm improves dramatically while everyone else is left ill. The storm ends up sinking the vessel, and Johann and Peewit become separated from the Smurfs, who they fear have been lost. Johann and Peewit wash up on an unknown shore, where they are found and taken in by a couple. They awaken some time later to find the couple being antagonized by a fat brute, whom Johann swiftly gets the better of.

Unfortunately, the brute turns out to Draco, a malevolent man who has been lording over the locals for some time with the help of several henchmen. At the urging of the couple, Johann and Peewit flee into the nearby woods, but are pursued by Draco and his men with dogs. Unexpectedly, the pair run into the Smurfs, who have similarly washed up in this unfamiliar land, and the group manage to throw off the pursuers. A group of villagers then arrives to lead Johann and Peewit back to the village, but during the journey they prove unable to keep up with even Johann and Peewit's normal walking pace.

The villagers explain that they are the Feebles, and that their people were cursed years ago by a wicked sorcerer and deprived of their strength. As such, they lack the means to stand up to Draco's cruelty, and their only hope of throwing off the spell is water from the Magic Fountain. The journey to the fountain is too strenuous for any of the Feebles to manage, so Johann volunteers himself-and a less than enthusiastic Peewit-to retrieve the water for them. Gratefully, one of the Feebles takes the pair to see Thorkel, an elder who explains the route to the fountain and its hazards, including the Gruesome Grotto, a giant, and the Four-Headed Serpent.

However, one of the Feebles, a man named Eaves, decides to betray the plan to Draco in hopes of gaining a reward. The Smurfs overhear him as he sets off, and thus warn Johann and Peewit so they can leave early. Peewit proves to be an even more formidable sleeper than Lazy Smurf, snoring through all manner of loud noises intending to wake him up, but sitting up instantly at the drop of a pin. Eaves reports to Draco and receives a mere penny for his treachery, but is quickly cowed into gratitude. Draco then sends some of his men out to capture Johann and Peewit, who have left the Feeble village under cover of darkness.

Johann and Peewit soon run into the giant, who proves more than a match for the pair, and are aided in battling him by the Smurfs. Clumsy Smurf accidentally falls onto the giant's head, but succeeds in causing the brute to whack himself with his own club. The dazed giant proves altogether pleasant, and the friends head off in search of the fountain. Meanwhile, Draco's men are following on horseback, and pass by the giant as Johann's party reaches the Gruesome Grotto.

Inside, the group are briefly menaced by a large bat, before arriving at the fountain only to be confronted by an incredibly hairy old man. He introduces himself as the Keeper of the Magic Fountain, and forbids them to take the water he sees as his property. Moreover, the Four-Headed Serpent proves to be his pet, and bars them from reaching the water. Taking charge, Johann has Peewit distract the keeper while the Smurfs deal with the serpent, allowing Johann to retrieve some of the fountain's water in a bag. They then flee as the keeper finally finds one of Peewit's jokes amusing, only to run into Draco's men.

Johann and Peewit attempt to elude their enemies, with the Smurfs leaping upon the men to give their friends time to escape. Peewit runs out of another exit to the grotto only to find that he is in the company of one of the villains, but fortunately Johann arrives to help him. The pair arrive on the edge of a cliff, and drop from the height to land on the backs of their enemies' horses, which they use to ride back to the Feebles' village. Upon their arrival, they find the rest of Draco's forces lying in wait for them, and are soon embroiled in a game of keep away as they attempt to protect the bag containing the fountain's water.

Eaves manages to grab the water in hopes of earning a bigger reward from Draco, but is tripped up by the Smurfs, allowing the other Feebles to get the bag. Freed from their curse by the fountain's water, they join the fight on Johann and Peewit's side and soon overpower Draco and his men. Draco is defeated by Peewit, who dons the horned helmet of one of Draco's own men and proceeds to headbutt the fallen tyrant in the backside. Soon after, Johann and Peewit depart the former Feebles' land in a new ship, leaving Draco and his minions paying for their crimes with hard labor. Aboard ship, the Smurfs briefly lament that they were unable to accomplish Papa Smurf's reason for being on the sea journey, only for Clumsy to fall overboard and emerge from the sea with the very seaweed Papa Smurf had hoped to collect for a magical elixir.