Jokey as the Masked Smurfer in the comic books, with an appearance similar to the Rebel Smurfs in King Smurf.

Masked Pie Smurfer
Jokey as the Masked Pie Smurfer in the cartoon show.

The Masked Pie Smurfer
Also Known AsJokey Smurf
Voice ActorJune Foray
First AppearanceSeason 5 (single episode)

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You may also be looking for the cartoon episode by this name.
The following information relates to the character featured in the cartoon show.

The Masked Pie Smurfer (referred to as The Masked Smurfer in the comic books) is a character that appeared in the episode "The Masked Pie Smurfer". He was a Smurf that enjoyed splattering his fellow Smurfs with pies. He was identified by his black Smurf hat and pants, plus by a purple cape and mask that he wore.

He first appeared when Jokey emerged from his house with a pie in his face, claiming that he had been the victim of a "masked pie Smurfer". Sometime later, the Masked Pie Smurfer made his first official appearance when Brainy was pied during one of his speeches. Then late at night, the Masked Pie Smurfer delivered messages to various Smurfs using arrows, inviting them to offer him smurfberries in exchange for his services in targeting certain Smurfs that annoyed them. Though they initially refused to go along with the offer, they immediately changed their minds and secretly delivered smurfberries to a hole in the ground in the forest where the Masked Pie Smurfer made his headquarters.

Throughout the following day, the Masked Pie Smurfer sneaked around the village, targeting various Smurfs unaware with his pies, with Brainy being his favorite victim. Eventually Brainy decided to investigate and find out who the Masked Pie Smurfer really was, and, with his friend Clumsy, formed the shortly-lived Smurfy Bureau of Investigation (the S.B.I.) to search for the culprit. In the Masked Pie Smurfer's headquarters, Brainy found a Smurf whom he thought was the Masked Pie Smurfer and followed him straight to the village, where upon his unmasking turned out to be Papa Smurf, who was actually doing his own investigation upon who the Masked Pie Smurfer really was.

But soon enough they found the real Masked Pie Smurfer hiding behind Greedy's kitchen, watching as the other fellow Smurfs started hurling pies at each other when they got fed up with being pied. The Masked Pie Smurfer attempted to make a run for it when he slipped on a pie and the Smurfs pig-piled on him, stopping him in his tracks. Upon his unmasking, the Smurfs found out that Jokey was actually the Masked Pie Smurfer who made the other Smurfs believe that he was that Smurf's victim when he really pied himself to throw the other Smurfs off track. Despite his being found out, Jokey enjoyed the whole experience until Baby Smurf gave him a mud pie in the face.