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The Masked Pie Smurfer (episode)
Date of First Airing9/28/1985
Directed byRay Patterson (supervising director)
Bob Hathcock
Don Lusk
Carl Urbano
Rudy Zamora
Alan Zaslove
Story byPatsy Cameron
Tedd Anasti
Title Translation of
The Masked Pie Smurfer
FrenchLe Schtroumpfeur masqué ou Le Schtroumpf entarteur
GermanDer maskierte Tortenschlumpf
ItalianIl puffatore mascherato
DutchDe Gemaskerde Taartensmurfer

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You may also be looking for the character that goes by this name.

"The Masked Pie Smurfer" is a Season 5 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Vanity is busy in his house, relaxing on the floor with a circle of hand mirrors around him to look at himself with, when Harmony enters into his house to play music for him. Vanity tries to get Harmony out of his house when Harmony starts playing his horn, causing his hand mirrors to break one by one. Outside Vanity's house, he could hear Jokey laughing at the joke he was playing on Vanity by having Harmony playing his bad music, causing his victim to curse Jokey with a "someday".

Out in the forest, Brainy, Handy, and Smurfette were standing on a raised platform collecting nuts from a tree when Clumsy comes to offer his help, accidentally tripping over the rope that was holding up the platform and causing them to fall into the cart. Jokey, watching from behind a rock, laughs at yet another joke he played by luring Clumsy to create an unwanted pratfall. This makes the three Smurfs angry at Jokey, cursing him with a "someday", and as they carted what they have gathered from the tree back to the village, the three Smurfs begin to brood about things they hated from other Smurfs: Brainy hating Clumsy always getting in the way, Smurfette hating Brainy's big mouth, and Handy hating Jokey's stupid pranks. However, none of them will ever let the other Smurf know how much they hated that other Smurf for it.

Jokey gets a pie

Jokey gets a pie

After returning to the village, Jokey goes inside his house when the other Smurfs hear Jokey getting attacked by somebody. Jokey then comes out of his house with a pie in his face, claiming that a "masked pie smurfer" had gotten him -- a situation that no doubt pleased Brainy. Later on, as Brainy gives a speech about his admiration for this "masked pie smurfer" playing a prank on Jokey, the Masked Pie Smurfer emerges to fling a pie into Brainy's face. The other Smurfs watch in fear as this Masked Pie Smurfer runs off into the sunset with a mischievous cackle.

Late that night, various Smurfs start receiving notes on their doors, sent by arrows flung by the Masked Pie Smurfer himself, offering to target a Smurf of their choice with a pie in exchange for a handful of smurfberries. Although those Smurfs initially refuse to go along with that offer, they immediately change their minds and start sneaking off one by one, delivering smurfberries and requests to a hole in the ground somewhere in the forest, with the Masked Pie Smurfer watching in delight.
The pie smurfer

The masked pie smurfer

The following day, various Smurfs start getting pies in the face by the Masked Pie Smurfer: Smurfette by the village well, Handy on a rooftop, Brainy inside his house, and various other places. This makes the Smurfs start accusing one another of having the Masked Pie Smurfer target them for various reasons. Brainy, in particular, gets pied more often than not, even receiving a giant pie that he lands in when he gets booted by his fellow Smurfs. Meanwhile, Papa Smurf just watches from the safety of his own house, snickering at the mayhem unfolding, though not cruelly.

Eventually, Brainy decides to investigate and find out who the mysterious Masked Pie Smurfer really was, and forms the S.B.I. (the Smurfy Bureau of Investigation) with his friend Clumsy to discover the culprit. One thing they did find was that, of all the Smurfs that got pied, the only Smurf that wasn't pied was Greedy, which made him a suspect. The only reason Greedy could give for not being pied was that he was actually hoping to get pied but nobody would do it to him. They investigate Grouchy's doorstep, which has pie cream on it. Brainy suspects Grouchy, until Grouchy himself opens the door and shouts "I HATE the Masked Pie Smurfer!" (He had pie over his face.)

Out in the forest, Brainy and Clumsy find the Masked Pie Smurfer's hidden headquarters, and, wearing a protective cage, Brainy goes in to find that most of the requests for pie targets was for Brainy Smurf. Soon Brainy spots a Smurf donning the cape, mask, and clothes of the Masked Pie Smurfer and runs off toward the village. Clumsy pulls Brainy up (and lets him drop back down) a few times before they finally catch up and stop the Smurf whom they thought was the Masked Pie Smurfer in his tracks. Upon his unmasking, it turns out that that Smurf was Papa Smurf, who actually was doing his own investigation on who the Masked Pie Smurfer really was, and couldn't resist putting on the disguise in order to do so.

"With my new pie-smurfin' target you just can't miss!"

But soon they hear a scream -- Smurfette was attacked by a pie again, indicating that the real Masked Pie Smurfer is still on the loose. Getting fed up with being pied, Smurfette along with various other Smurfs start outrightly attacking each other with pies. Papa Smurf then sees the real Masked Pie Smurfer hiding behind Greedy's kitchen, which attracts the attention of the other Smurfs who then give chase. The Masked Pie Smurfer tries to make a run for it when he slips on a pie and falls, with the other Smurfs pig-piling on him to stop him in his tracks. Upon his unmasking, they learn that the real Masked Pie Smurfer was Jokey Smurf all along, who initially tricked the other Smurfs into thinking that he was a victim of the Masked Pie Smurfer by pieing himself in order to throw them off track.
Jokey unmasked

Jokey is unmasked

Most of the other Smurfs at this point are ready to let Jokey really have it, when Papa Smurf tells them that it's not wise to keep their bad feelings about other Smurfs all bottled up, and that they should tell the other Smurf how they feel about what they did. This makes most of those Smurfs decide to tell Brainy directly the next time he drives them crazy. Meanwhile, Jokey continues to chuckle at the mayhem he had caused over the past few days when Baby Smurf delivers Jokey a well-deserved mud pie in the face, which makes him laugh.

Background Information

  • This episode is based on a similar comic book story called "The Masked Smurfer".
  • Jokey does play another masked character in the form of Don Smurfo in the episode of the same name.
  • Many foreign DVD releases carry the syndicated Smurfs Adventures repackaging of this episode, as opposed to the rest of the episodes, which were uncut, although this episode has also use the modified intro and credits for foreign markets.


O Smurf mascarado • Os Smurfs

O Smurf mascarado • Os Smurfs

Brazilian version