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The Tooth Fairy, the Smurfs, and Shiba

"The Moor's Baby" is a Season 3 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


The episode begins in Smurf Village with Baby Smurf crying incessantly and baffling everyone, until Papa Smurf discovers that the infant Smurf is teething for the first time and needs a visit from his old friend the Tooth Fairy. The only problem is she hasn't been seen out of her cave at Molar Mountain in over 300 years.

At the same time in his dark, fiery castle, Lord Balthazar orders two inept goons to steal the Emerald from the visiting Moorish Ambassador of Zad. When one of the thugs complains he has a toothache and needs a visit from the Tooth Fairy, Balthazar scoffs at the existence of such a being, and threatens to end the man's pain by breaking his neck. After he repeats his order to get the Emerald or be thrown in the moat where the Moat Monster resides, he sends the goons on their way. At first, the henchmen, who appear to be newly hired by Balthasar, are skeptical about the existence of the Moat Monster, until they get a first hand look at the creature as they are leaving the castle, sending them scurrying in terror.

At his castle the King gets a message that the Ambassador is at that moment visiting the good wizard Homnibus with whom he is an old friend, and sends Johan and Peewit to guide him and his entourage back to the palace. Peewit begs Johan to stop at the Smurf Village for something to eat. Outside Homnibus' cottage, Brainy, Clumsy and Hefty are scared when they see a "green eyed dragon" (actually the Ambassador's camel with an artificial green eye) while trying to get a cattail from the frog pond as an ingredient for a temporary cure for Baby's teething pains. The Ambassador is at that moment playing Chess with Homnibus, while the Ambassador's wife is holding their infant child Zona Shiba in her arms, when suddenly the baby starts screaming in pain. Johan and Peewit arrive after visiting the Smurf Village, and dropping off Handy, Smurfette and Jokey at Molar Mountain to find the Tooth Fairy. Johan offers to get the Ambassador's daughter help from Dame Barbara and leaves on his horse Bayard. Meanwhile Balthazar's two henchmen, now aware that their master's threat about the Moat Monster is genuine, have sabotaged the high road bridge and are arranging a rock slide for the low road of Molar Mountain as part of their scheme to get the emerald. During this, they hear an eerie wailing from a cave in the mountain, which frightens them but not enough to abandon their mission and risk Balthasar's wrath. When Johan tries to cross the weakened bridge, it causes him to fall, knocking himself out.

Handy, Smurfette and Jokey, despite being frightened of the cave and the errie wailing from inside, decide to go in anyway to get out of a sudden rainstorm. Overcoming their fears, the three Smurfs introduce themselves to the mysterious voice, which turns out to be that of the Tooth Fairy herself. The Tooth Fairy is excited to have company again, saying that the Smurfs are the first to visit her in 300 years. She says that she wants to help Baby Smurf with the teething pain, but she is trapped behind the iron door in her own cave thanks to the spell of an ogre who was dissatisfied with the present she gave him for a lost tooth. She also says that the only way she can be freed is to solve the puzzle the ogre left on the door "K+E=4, E+Y=10, and K+Y=8 and K+E+Y=?". At that moment at Homnibus' home, Homnibus and the Ambassador discuss Algebra, a new way of thinking that the Moorish diplomat has brought along with him, amazing his host. Meanwhile the two henchmen are waiting for the entourage to arrive so they can start the rockslide. His toothache killing him, the one henchman goes to get Johan's sword from the unconscious young knight when his loyal horse Bayard attacks the man and runs to Peewit and Biquette while the Ambassador orders his traveling party to set up camp. Seeing Bayard coming back alone alerts Peewit immediately to the fact that something has happened to Johan, prompting the Ambassador to start a search party. Johan is found and brought back to the Ambassador's tent, uninjured but still unconscious. Peewit figures that Johan's accident was the result of someone deliberately sabotaging the high road bridge. This in turn causes the Ambassador's wife to suspect that someone knows of the Emerald, to which the Ambassador replies "If that is so, they will never find it, it is said that 'bad men are blind to the sparkle in a camel's eye'". At this, he looks pointedly at his camel's artificial eye, which is an emerald green.

After being told about the puzzle on the Iron Door, Papa Smurf mounts Feathers and flies to Homnibus to explain the problem and Baby Smurf's teething, leading the good wizard to remark that by coincidence the Ambassador's baby is teething as well. Homnibus shows Papa Smurf the Algebra Equations the Amassador showed him, and tries to help Papa Smurf understand it to the best of his ability. The two henchmen, unable to locate the emerald, decide to abduct the Ambassador's baby daughter while everyone in the camp is sleeping, to use as a bargaining chip, while Feathers brings Papa Smurf to Molar Mountain and leaves to bring back Baby Smurf. Papa Smurf convinces the Tooth Fairy, whose name is Francis, that he will do his best to free her. Feathers brings Handy, Jokey, Smurfette and Baby to Molar Mountain and Francis' cave.

The next morning, the Ambassador's wife is frantic when she finds that Shiba was abducted. Peewit and the Ambassador's guards notice donkey tracks leading up the mountain. The two henchmen make it into the cave with their baby hostage, unaware the horrified Smurfs are observing them. Shiba's crying irritates the man with a toothache, who seems to be on the verge of doing something violent when he and his comrade notice the iron door and a little box (one of Jokey's packages). The man with the toothache opens the box and it explodes in his face causing Shiba to cry harder. Frustrated and frantic, the men both mount their donkeys and flee, only to be noticed by Peewit and the other men from the camp. Smurfette and the others come out of hiding and comfort Shiba. Shiba and Baby Smurf bond in baby talk and happily pat each other, making Smurfette say how adorable they both are. While Papa and Handy try vainly to solve the puzzle, Baby scribbles some writing on the cave floor...which, it turns out, is the solution to the puzzle: "K=1; E=3; Y=7; K+E+Y=11". Within seconds, the door dissipates and reveals a beautiful fairy girl with a wand and wings, Francis the Tooth Fairy herself. She gets rid of the two babies' pain and finishes their teething, just as the Ambassador and Peewit make their way to the cave after having captured Balthazar's men who confessed under threat of death where they have left the baby. The Ambassador is delighted to see his daughter has a tooth but is equally confused when Peewit points out the writing on the floor being the same as what he was showing Homnibus. Not knowing how the door opened, the Smurfs with Baby Smurf fly back to their village on Feathers.


  • Although Dame Barbara is mentioned, she doesn't appear anywhere in this episode.
  • One of the few episodes to be animated at Hanna-Barbera Australia, albeit uncredited.
  • This is the second time Balthazar appears in the same episode with Johan and Peewit. The first being Handy's Kite.
    • Balthazar appears outside the situation since he didn't interact with either the Smurfs, Johan, Peewit, Homnibus, or any of the other innocent characters in the episode or even oppose them as well, thus leaving the antagonistic work to the two goons he hired.