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The Old Tower is a free-standing tower which was deemed a safe place by Papa Smurf in the comic book and cartoon show version of "The Smurfs And The Howlibird". It was used as a hiding place from the Howlibird and has a small crack in the front door wide enough for the Smurfs to run through. It is made of stone, and has a wooden door similar to the kind seen on such characters' houses like Gargamel, Homnibus, and the like. There is a window with a wooden covering near the top, and on the open top part is a loft made to look like some kind of house. Vines have grown up from the bottom to the window, and the tower rests on a hill in a clearing of the forest.

The tower made another appearance in the story "The Smurfs And The Little Ghost", when a few Smurfs found a ghost that hid himself inside a box because he was too ashamed of his inability to frighten people. When Gargamel came visiting the tower in his search for Smurfs, the little ghost tried to scare Gargamel, but unknown to the ghost it was really Puppy who sent the evil wizard running.

A similar structure also called by this name appears in the comic book story "The Smurfs And The Book That Tells Everything", though by scale it appears to be smaller than the earlier version. In addition, the tower in that story had a domed top instead of a battlement. Brainy Smurf had moved into this location when he wanted to restrict access to the titular book that every Smurf wanted to ask questions to, and so it was renovated into his personal sanctum sanctorium, with a special curtained room for the book to be placed in.