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"The Olympic Smurfs" (original French title Les Schtroumpfs Olympiques) is the eleventh album of the original French-language Smurfs comic series by Peyo. It was originally published in 1979, then serialized in the issues of Spirou in 1980. It was released in English by Papercutz under the title "The Smurf Olympics", with another story "More Smurf Olympics". The original version contains three stories.


The Olympic Smurfs

It starts with Hefty doing a running jog that, when he finshes, leaves him disiponted when a Smurf tells that he's playing by himself. Hefty Smurf decides to organize games to get the other Smurfs to play sports. When the Smurfs hear the prize is a medal, they don't care (since they already got medals in the King Smurf story), so the prize is changed to a kiss from the Smurfette.

The Smurfs form two teams for the games: yellow team and red team. Nobody wants Weakling Smurf on their team, so Hefty Smurf suggest him to compete on his own. Brainy Smurf decides to be the referee, and has cards of any color, but lacks a whistle, so asks Handy Smurf to make one for him.

The following morning, Hefty Smurf goes to see the Smurfs' training, and finds Weakling Smurf alone, so he goes to wake the others, who then decide to eat breakfast. Hefty Smurf criticises them and tells them to follow Weakling Smurf's example, so they decide to watch Weakling Smurf's training.

Weakling Smurf makes a poor time running. During his hammer-throwing practise, accidentally hits Hefty Smurf's foot when trying to raise the hammer, and then throws it at very little distance. For the high jump, he jumps under the bar, but feels proud since he didn't touch the bar, just like Hefty Smurf told him. Then comes the training of the other Smurfs. Handy Smurf uses springs for the long jump, which Hefty Smurf tells him is again the rules, but then he notices he hasn't written a rulebook, so Papa Smurf offers his help writing one. In the meantime, the Smurfs train in unorthodox ways, until Hefty Smurf begins crying, so the others promise to take the training seriously during the following days. Papa Smurf arrives with the completed rulebook, but Hefty Smurf tells him they don't need it anymore.

The afternoon before the games, Papa Smurf finds Weakling Smurf, who has decided to leave the games because he will always be a weakling. Papa Smurf gives him a formula he must apply on his nose before any event to win.

The next morning, the games begin with the arrival of the yellow team, the red team and Weakling Smurf (who wears green). Weakling Smurf wins all the events, partly due to the yellow and red teams cheating against each other, and partly due to Papa Smurf's formula. During the last event, the marathon, Weakling Smurf feels too tired to continue, but sits on ivy and runs away, winning the race. However, Weakling Smurf refuses the medal, saying that, since he used Papa Smurf's formula, he won cheating. Papa Smurf explain the formula was just gooseberry jam, so he won fairly the medal and Smurfette's kiss, but before getting the kiss, Brainy Smurf reveals he has a last card for Smurfette: a pink card, so Smurfette decides to walk away with Brainy instead, leaving the other Smurfs in shock.

The Easter Smurf

On the day of Easter, Brainy wants to give an egg to Papa Smurf . But his eggs is exchanged by Jokey, causing some surprise.

The Smurf Garden

The Smurfs go to the forest to have a picnic. However, the picnic is bad as the forest is not a very good place for picnic. The Smurfs starts to figure a way to improve the picnic and the environment. They figured ways which changes the forest to a well picnic site. However, Gargamel found the picnic site at night while the Smurfs are sleeping, he constucts a faluse picnic site with lots of traps to catch the Smurfs. He named the 'park' as "The Garden of Delights". On the next day, the Smurfs and Smurfette go the the 'park', they do not relies that it is a trap. So, Gargamel gets the Smurfs easily. But Brainy escapes and tells Papa everything. The remaining Smurfs gather as a rescue team to fight with Gargamel. The Smurf free the others while Garagmel faints when he bumps on a rake which is brought by Dopey. Due to this, Dopey had became the hero. The Smurfs returns to the village as Smurfette kisses Dopey.

In other media

  • The cartoon episode "A Little Smurf Confidence" adapts the usage of jam on Weakling's nose into its story, while the cartoon special "The Smurfic Games" actually has the Smurfs competing on Olympic gaming events.


The oldest version of the book

  • The original French version of the book contains two additional stories which were replaced in the Paparcutz English translation with "More Smurf Olympics", a section of one-page Smurf sketches that originally appeared in the book Smurf Versus Smurf.
  • Though the story appeared in the magazine Spirou in 1980, the was an older version published in 1979 and Coca-Cola was the sponsor of the story. Dupuis was not involved in the publishment.


  • "The Olympic Smurfs" represents the first time that the Smurfette appears in a comic story since "The Smurfette" in 1966. She previously appeared in several gags, including the Smurfette-themed collection "Romeos et Schtroumpfette" ("Romeos and Smurfette").