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"The Raven Wizard" is a Johan and Peewit episode that appeared in Season 2 of the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

The episode begins with the Smurfs on their way to Homnibus' house, arriving with gifts and a spell. Brainy reads the spell despite being told not to. A hurricane for the Smurfs blows them back to the Village when Brainy stops it. The angry Smurf gives Brainy the boot. Meanwhile, at the King's castle, the kingdom is having a party. The king asks Count Gregor, the guest of honor, for his opinion. Count Gregor is modest about it. Soon we find out he is Princess Sabina’s tutor. Sabina suspects something weird. Peewit tries to rope some food but gets pulled by a horse. Fortunately Johan saves his companion. Dame Barbara interrupts the moment by telling Sabina and Gregor to head to the library. He then says how lucky he is to find her.

Soon Johan and Peewit are practicing their jousting. Peewit spears some food, but it gets so heavy he’s sent flying into the library. He attempts to apologize, but notices something isn’t right with Sabina. Count Gregor grabs him and Peewit demands to know what happened, but gets tossed. Dame Barbara walks in expecting Peewit to ruin everything, but is horrified to see Count Gregor now has the head of a raven. Johan leaps in to see what’s happening, but Gregor reveals his true name is Gregorian. After some attempts to save her, Gregorian flies out the window. Peewit tries to save her, but he gets thrown off by the Raven Wizard. Peewit crash lands into some hay.

They report the Raven Wizard to the king, who’s just as shocked as them as they all thought he was a legend. They all agree to save her. Soon Johan sees Peewit stole a heart-shaped diamond off of the Raven Wizard. They believe Homnibus will help. Meanwhile at the castle of the Raven Wizard, Sabina realizes she is a prisoner. He tells her he was cursed. Soon she recognizes him as her tutor. He tells her he she is key to reversing his curse. He soon realizes Peewit stole his diamond. He sees them riding to Homnibus and immediately becomes worried knowing he would ruin everything and puts innocent ravens under an evil spell.

Soon a tree captures the dynamic duo. Sabina tosses a rock into his pool, breaking the spell. He assigns a Raven to watch her while he’s gone. Sabina attempts to escape from her cell. Meanwhile at the house of Homnibus, the pair explains the story. Homnibus has a mild history with the Raven Wizard. He believes he can protect them from the evil Wizard. Johan gets an idea to trade the jewel from the Wizard but Homnibus says he needs them both to reverse the spell. Peewit barricades the doors, but Homnibus says he needs herbs for his spell, only to be interrupted by the Raven Wizard barging in. Johan puts up a bit of a fight before being overwhelmed. Homnibus attempts to stop him but is turned into an ice sculpture.

Peewit attempts to steal the diamond but is foiled by the Wizard. The pair is now frightened not just because of the plan but because Homnibus is beginning to melt. Soon the Smurfs arrive only to find what happened due to the duo explaining. Papa Smurf says he needs to learn the antidote, but says he can temporarily cool down Homnibus by using his wind spell. They tell Greedy to hold down the fort. The Smurfs then rush off to find him while Papa says he couldn't believe the Wizard is real. Tracker Smurf is given the pouch which helps him locate the castle.

Sabina meanwhile opens the cage, but the Raven prevents her escape with the Wizard gloating about his nigh victory. Sabina refuses to give up hope. Soon the heroes encounter a swamp and decides to go by foot. Johan tells everyone the Raven Wizard is most likely paranoid about trespassers. Meanwhile, Greedy begins to get cold so he decides to build a fire unaware of Homnibus being made of ice. Soon they get attacked by brainwashed ravens and get pushed into quicksand. They escape soon after. Greedy continues cooking despite the icy Homnibus.

Soon they encounter the tower of the Raven Wizard. They wonder how to get up when Johan gets an idea. Soon the Wizard begins his ritual. The heroes make a catapult to launch Peewit. He lands on a ledge and the heroes climb up. The Wizard continues his spells. The Raven then catches wind of intruders and chases them into a laboratory. The heroes split up to stop the Wizard. Johan distracts the Wizard wile Peewit attempts to untie the princess. He hides when the Wizard returns to finish the job. Soon he accidentally puts his head in the beam interrupting and ruining the ritual. The heart shatters and the Raven Wizard turns into a full Raven.

Soon they return to Homnibus' house after the antidote was created. Peewit smells something cooking which worries the Smurfs. Soon they return Homnibus to normal before Greedy makes another fire. Peewit attempts to make desert for himself and creates ice cream.