Het Rode Kruis en de Smurfen
The Red Cross And The Smurfs
Original titleHet Rode Kruis en de Smurfen
Year of publication1996

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"The Red Cross And The Smurfs" is a Smurfs comic book which was released in 1996 only for Dutch language regions. It contains four short stories.

Plot Summary

Of course I know what this means, for I, Brainy Smurf, am the master of various languages!
Brainy Head

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The Red Cross And The Smurfs

The Smurfs race and there are many spectators, but they behave dangerously. Volunteers are asked to supervise while racing. Accidents are now prevented or resolved faster. During the race, a cheating Smurf turns the road a little so that the other racers end up on the wrong track. In addition, they literally bump into Gargamel, which hits a tree as a result. The Red Cross of the Smurfs makes no distinction between friend and foe and so they also help Gargamel. The cheating Smurf also joined the volunteering team to help as a punishment.

The Smurf With Amnesia

Greedy Smurf gets an apple on his head and loses his memory. He gets lost and ends up at Gargamel. He abuses the situation and asks the Smurf to take him to the Smurf Village. The other Smurfs see the two and Jokey takes the place of Greedy. Brainy takes over at another substitution, but he is recognized. Gargamel grabs around to catch the Smurfs, but bumps his head against a tree and also loses his memory.

Hefty Smurf And The Machines

Handy Smurf designs some machines so that not everyone needs Hefty to do heavy work. Moreover, the Smurfs make him believe that he has become weak. But the machines break down and so Handy becomes the indispensable Smurf. He gets tired and one of his machines is poorly repaired. Handy's workshop explodes due to an accident. Hefty comes to rescue him and is restored to his former glory.

The Castle With A Thousand Mirrors

Vanity Smurf hears that there is a castle with 1000 mirrors and goes looking for it. However, he does not know that it is not an ordinary castle, because all his mirror images come to life and he himself begins to fade. Papa Smurf knows what to do: he calls all the mirror images back into the mirrors Finally, he breaks the mirror and Vanity is himself again.


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