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You may also be looking for the comic book of the same name, or the event itself.

"The Smurfic Games" is a cartoon special that aired during Season 3 of the Smurfs cartoon show.



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It is a pleasant day the Smurfs are having on a picnic in the forest, a day of eating, playing games, singing, and just having fun. However, Hefty and Handy get into an argument over calling what they're eating "smurfflower seeds" or "sunflower smurfs". Papa Smurf tries to settle them down by telling them not to get into an argument over words, and Brainy throws his two smurfs in when he says that the east side of the village and the west side of the village each have their own way of doing things, but what's important is that they respect each other and that they also respect him -- though the last part only earns him laughter from his fellow Smurfs. During the discussion of what the east side Smurfs and the west side Smurfs do, hardly any of the Smurfs notice a pair of eyes moving behind the trees until Baby Smurf sees who they're attached to -- the cat Azrael, who comes out of hiding to attack the Smurfs. They barely manage to escape as Greedy lures the cat into the giant smurfberry cake on a wagon which ends up rolling down a hill and into the water.

That evening in Papa Smurf's house, Hefty tells the village leader that the rest of the Smurfs need to shape up or they're going to get caught by Azrael. Papa Smurf believes that the Smurfs would rather play than exercise, but then he tells Hefty about something he read of the ancient Greeks and their "Smurfic Games", which he thinks is a good idea for the Smurfs to have.

The Medallion of Poseidon, a force of destructive power.

Meanwhile, Gargamel visits his cousin Argus upon his death bed, who tells the evil wizard that he's not leaving him a thing when he dies, but he wants him to do something important. On a bookshelf behind a book, Gargamel pulls out a box that Argus says contains the Medallion Of Poseidon, which embodies the power of total destruction. He tells Gargamel that the medallion must never fall into evil hands and so he gives it to a smurfberry bird that will take it to Papa Smurf, who he says knows what to do with such a powerful object. Gargamel watches as his cousin fades into nothingness, then rejoices that everything in Argus' castle was left behind for the wizard's taking...until he sees that everything in the castle also fades into nothingness, including the castle itself. Gargamel is furious that his cousin took everything with him in his death...and then finds that he still has one of Argus' books which turns out to be the one that unlocks the power of the medallion.

The next day, Papa Smurf makes an announcement to all his little Smurfs about the ten sporting events for their first Smurfic Games, which makes the Smurfs cheer. However, Hefty isn't pleased to find out that Brainy is going to be the judge of the events, until Handy points out that at least he won't be on any Smurf's team. After Brainy describes what those events are going to be, Papa Smurf says that the team who wins the most events will get a Smurfic Games medal, which is again received with cheers, though Grouchy says, "I hate medals".

As Papa Smurf sits in his house reading a story to Baby Smurf, he is pleased to hear his little Smurfs getting prepared for the sporting events. Then a smurfberry bird arrives at his window with a medallion on its neck. Papa Smurf recognizes the medallion and realizes that his dear friend Argus has passed away. He is resolute in that, Smurfic Games or no Smurfic Games, the medallion must be disposed of. In Gargamel's castle, the evil wizard is already looking through his cousin's book on what he needs to do to unlock the medallion's power, which he intends to use to obliterate the Smurfs along with their entire village. He first endures entering a sleeping bear's cave to pluck some hair from it before it gets him, then he bravely goes after some dragon fire with a dragon chasing him hot on his tail, and then for the most daring thing of all, he steals Bigmouth's underwear while he is busy bathing in the River Smurf.

"Winning isn't everything... it's the only thing!"

Back in the village, as the Smurfs continue to train, Brainy announces that it's time to separate the Smurfs into teams, and so a white line is painted through the middle of the village to separate the east side from the west side. Hefty and Handy take advantage of the separation to challenge each other by saying the opposite side's team doesn't have a chance. And then Clumsy comes along with the line painted right over him, wondering which side will he be on. The two teams fight over having the opposite side's team taking Clumsy to be part of it until Smurfette steps in and says neither side can have him because she and Clumsy will form their own team. Jokey laughs at that idea, saying that Smurfette and Clumsy don't have a chance of winning, but Smurfette says they'll have fun anyway and that winning isn't everything. Hefty and Handy agree that winning isn't everything -- it's the only thing!

At night, Papa Smurf goes out into the forest and digs a hole in the ground to put the medallion in. Before he buries it, he recites an incantation to make the medallion inactive so that no one can use its power. As he covers up the hole in the ground, Brainy goes out into the forest to see what Papa Smurf is up to, saying that even he is not above the scrutiny of the Smurfic Games judge. He digs out the medallion after Papa Smurf has gone back into the village, thinking that this is the Smurfic Games medal, and takes it with him upon his return, believing Papa Smurf was so foolish to just bury it in the ground when he could have left it with Brainy. However, upon seeing how rusty the medallion is, Brainy decides to take it to Painter to spruce it up, who gives it a fresh coat of gold paint and paints a Smurf face upon it.

Finally, the Smurfic Games are about to begin, with Brainy as the judge and the three teams coming together to participate -- Hefty and the east side, Handy and the west side, and Smurfette and Clumsy's team. Papa Smurf and Baby Smurf together light the Smurfic Flame, signaling the start of the games. The first event is the high dive, with Painter from the east and Vanity from the west making successful dives while Clumsy ends up crashing into a bird's nest. The second event is a cherry throw, which has Tailor from the east going first followed by Smurfette from her own team throwing her cherry a bit farther. Greedy from the west team, however, ends up eating his cherry. Brainy says that Greedy is disqualified for "eating his equipment", but that gets him booed and pelted with cherries. The third event is the three-way wrestling match with Hefty from the east, Handy from the west, and Clumsy from his own team. Watching as Hefty and Handy are ready to grapple with each other, Clumsy couldn't wait to join them and ends up jumping on top of both contestants. The fourth event, the ski jump, takes place on the peak of a snowy mountain, with Hefty going first, Handy going second, and Clumsy going last. Hefty and Handy both make successful jumps, but Clumsy just becomes a rolling ball of snow that falls right on top of Brainy! The ice-skating event, with Hefty, Handy, and Smurfette as the participants, have Hefty and Handy bumping into each other while Smurfette skates gracefully around them.

Back in the village, Brainy counts up the events that all three teams have won so far and sees that they have each won three events. Now comes the event that will decide who will win the medal: the grueling Smurfathon. Clumsy wishes Smurfette well in participating in the event, but Smurfette says he will be the one who will participate in it since he's the one who's trained so hard to take part in the games. She gives him a word of encouragement, saying that she believes in him. At the sound of Jokey's "surprise" going off, Hefty, Handy, and Clumsy take off from the starting line, though Clumsy has a late start and trips over himself trying to get going.

High upon a mountain, Gargamel begins the incantation to awaken the power of the Medallion of Poseidon, setting the very things he has collected aflame. This begins a rumbling that Papa Smurf could feel in the village, alerting him to something amiss. As Hefty and Handy pass through a trail in the mountains that the Smurfathon goes through, Hefty stops briefly to taunt Handy, but then sees an avalanche of rocks coming down and tells Handy to watch out. The rocks knock Handy off the course and bury him under, bringing Hefty over to the pile to help get Handy safely out. Meanwhile, Clumsy just passes right by them, thinking that Handy and Hefty have long since passed him. Back at the village, the other Smurfs are waiting to see who is approaching the finish line when a lone Smurf is straining to reach it. Smurfette sees that it's Clumsy, and he's so exhausted that he barely has enough strength left to finish the race. Smurfette tells Clumsy if he really wants to win, he must reach for that last reserve of energy that's left inside him. That bit of encouragement was all Clumsy needed to take the final steps toward the finish line, where the Smurfs reward him with cheers.

Back near the mountain trail, Handy was glad that Hefty put aside his desire to win in order to help his friend out. But then the skies grow dark as Gargamel continues with the incantation to unleash the medallion's full power: "Ravage the land as never before, total destruction from mountain to shore." At that instant, as Brainy is about to award Clumsy with the Smurfic Games Medal, it is revealed to be the Medallion Of Poseidon, which Papa Smurf sees has been uncovered. An earthquake tears through the forest, breaking the village dam and sending a deluge down into the valley. Smurf houses crumble under the might of the earth opening up beneath every Smurf's feet. Even Gargamel realizes that the medallion is more powerful than he had thought, as the ground he is standing on is giving way. Papa Smurf counters the medallion's power with an incantation to render it inactive once more as it falls into the crevice that it opened, and as it is rendered inactive, the earth closes up, threatening to take Gargamel down into it as it does. However, he is saved from his doom by a very angry Bigmouth, who wants to know what the evil wizard has done with his underwear.

Handy and Hefty realize that winning really isn't everything, or the only thing.

The Smurfs perform a circle dance at the close of the Smurfic Games

Back in the village, as Handy and Hefty work together to put out fires, Brainy feels so inspired that a natural calamity has brought the two sides of the village together to work in harmony -- though Papa Smurf says that a "natural calamity" has nothing to do with it. Vanity is so distraught that the village is ruined, but Hefty and Handy are both eager to build it better than before. Papa Smurf tells his little Smurfs that he hopes this will serve as a lesson for the village to never be divided upon anything again. A little later on, Papa Smurf rewards Clumsy with the Smurfic Games Garland and Smurfette rewards Clumsy with a kiss. Hefty and Handy are both glad to see Clumsy come out as a winner because it no longer matters to them who wins or loses, but how one plays the game. As Brainy is already thinking of preparing for the next year's Smurfic Games, Papa Smurf says that, because of the trouble they went through, he will only hold the Smurfic Games once every four years. The story closes with the Smurfs dancing around the Smurfic Flame with Papa Smurf and Smurfette standing next to the Smurfic Games' first champion.


Bigmouth (singing): Splash-splash-splash, Bigmouth take a bath; splash-splash-splash, Bigmouth take a...(notices Gargamel stealing his most prized possession)... HEY! What Gargamel do with Bigmouth's underwear!?

(Gargamel runs off laughing, with the ogre in hot pursuit.)

Gargamel: I'm making a circus tent, you pea-brained lummox!

Bigmouth (furious): Bigmouth LOVE underwear! Bigmouth NEED underwear!! BIGMOUTH'S UNDERWEAR NEVER FIT GARGAMEL!!!

Gargamel (chanting): Ravage the land as never before! Total destruction from mountain to shore! (echoes)

Background Information

  • The cartoon show special is based title-wise on the original comic book version of "The Smurfic Games", which is a series of one-page vignettes of the Smurfs participating in various sporting events and contains elements of "Smurf Versus Smurf", though with the village divided into east and west instead of north and south as in that comic book story. It also shares some similarity with "The Olympic Smurfs".
  • As in the case of "Smurf Versus Smurf", the language division problem of the Smurfs in this special is based on the real-life language division of the French and Dutch-speaking people in Peyo's native country of Belgium.
  • Several portions from this special, including Clumsy falling on top of Brainy, Gargamel saying, "Ravage the land as never before, total destruction from mountain to shore," and the earthquake, are reused in the Season 4 introduction of the Smurfs cartoon show as well as for the introduction of Smurfs Adventures (minus the snow scene).
  • The soundtrack uses a "Jimmy Hart version" of Vangelis' Chariots Of Fire theme song during the part where Clumsy strains to reach the finish line at the end of the Smurfathon.
  • In France, this episode was part of a theatrical compilation film about Baby Smurf in 1984. The other episodes included were "Once In A Blue Moon" and "Chip Off The Old Smurfs".

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