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The Smurflings (original name: Les P'tits Schtroumpfs or The Little Smurfs) is the name of the Smurfs comic book adaption of the episodes "The Smurflings" and "Sassette". It was mostly published in non-English formats along with "The Clockwork Smurf" in the same book. This title has been recently released in English by Papercutz, and it features "Puppy and the Smurfs", "The Smurfs and the Little Ghosts", and "The Smurfs and the Booglooboo" as its additional stories.


The Smurflings

The noise of some Smurfs practicing for an upcoming concert causes Papa Smurf's sand clock to break, so he sends three Smurfs (Natural Smurf, Slouchy Smurf, and Snappy Smurf) to Father Time's house after a new one. Papa Smurf also finds Smurfette sad about being the only female Smurf.

At Father Time's house, Natural's butterfly sneaks into a grandfather clock and the three Smurfs go after it. However, the grandfather clock is a magical clock that goes backwards and de-ages all four of them as three Smurflings and a little caterpillar. They find they like their new childhood, so they take a sand clock and return to the village.

Back at the village, the Smurflings get into inter-generational conflict with their fellow Smurfs, mainly Brainy Smurf. They decide to dress their own personal styles rather than wear the classic Smurf outfits. Snappy gets ahead of Grouchy Smurf telling "AND I HATE THE GROWN-UP SMURFS!" before Grouchy can say "I hate Smurflings", and Slouchy makes one of Jokey Smurf's present backfire on him.

At the concert, Brainy Smurf directs the orchestra in a musical piece that makes most Smurfs sleep, and then the Smurflings arrive with homemade instruments and a rhythmic piece that makes everybody dance. Brainy Smurf is surprised to find that even Papa Smurf likes the Smurflings' style of music.

Next day, the Smurflings notice Smurfette's depression for lack of a friend, so they go to Gargamel's house and steal his Smurfette formula from his magic book. When Gargamel finds this, he casts a spell in the clay needed to make a Smurfette; when the noon sunlight hits anything made with that clay, it will explode. Not knowing this, the Smurflings take the clay and use it to create a female Smurfling named Sassette. Smurfette is very happy to have a friend, but Papa Smurf grounds the Smurflings for doing all that without permission.

Sassette wanders the village and Grouchy Smurf tells her he hates her because, as a Smurfette, she's a creation of Gargamel. The curious Sassette asks who is Gargamel, so Grouchy tells her about Gargamel and his house at the other side of the forest. Sassette goes to Gargamel's house, and the sorcerer runs from her, knowing she will explode soon. Luckily, Papa Smurf discovers the fact and makes an antidote that he then throws into Sassette's face, preventing her from exploding.

The Clockwork Smurf

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  • At a point, Brainy Smurf is thrown out of the village like in the cartoon, rather than being hit with a mallet like in other comicbooks.
  • In the original French version of the story, Sculptor Smurf appears when Papa Smurf calls for Tailor Smurf since both characters share the same nickname in French. In the Papercutz English translation, both Sculptor and Tailor are simply referred to as "Smurf" due to the untranslatable nature of the original joke.
  • This is the second comic adaption of a cartoon episode, the first being "The Baby Smurf".
  • In the animated version, when the three Adult Smurfs are de-aged to Smurflings, they seem to forget most of their life as adult Smurfs, while they still remember it in the comic.
  • Azrael noticeably doesn't chase after any Smurf in this story because he is trying to hide from his master who wanted to give him a bath.