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The Smurfs Bakery is a game app developed by Budge Studios and released for the iPad, iPhone, and Android. In the game, you join Smurfette in the kitchen and whip up delectable desserts. Fancy a Smurfberry Ice Pop? Choose a flavor, try out different chocolate dips and get creative with toppings. Once you’ve created the smurfiest dessert, test out the recipe at home.


  • Simple step-by-step instructions and baking tips from Smurfette
  • Make Smurfberry Ice Pops, Smurfberry Shakes, Princess Smurfette Cakes, Smurf Head Cake Pops, and Smurf house Cakes, etc.
  • Different gameplay mechanics for each dessert so there’s always a challenge
  • Choose from different food coloring, sprinkles, figurines and more
  • Movement-activated gameplay like tilt device to pour
  • Tap your dessert to eat it.
  • Complete the Smurfs’ special orders to get stars
  • Save and share your recipe to make it at home
  • Tablet compatible with special skills.

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