The Smurfs On Vacation
Original titleLes Schtroumpfs en vacances
PublisherLe Lombard
Year of publication2016

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"The Smurfs On Vacation" (original French name Les Schtroumpfs en vacances) is a comic book collection of stories that was created by Studio Peyo and was published by Le Lombard in French in July, 2016.


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The Smurf Vacation

As a reward for all his little Smurfs getting their work done on time, Papa Smurf takes them on a trip to the beach for some relaxation and recreation. However, Brainy notices that there is a human selling confectioneries on the beach who looks like Gargamel, albeit with a mustache. In fact, the human, who introduces himself as Barbapapa, turns out to be a cousin of Gargamel, who earlier sent him a letter asking that if he ever should meet the Smurfs, to capture them for the wizard. At first, Barbapapa pays no mind to the request, until after a Smurf refuses to pay him for the lollipop that he took from the human. Not amused by this, Barbapapa decides to trap them all inside a bunch of old wooden hives converted into Smurf-sized changing huts, then sends word for his cousin to come and collect them as soon as possible. But during the rest of the afternoon, while Barbapapa sleeps on the beach, Papa Smurf manages to find a way out through a weakened floor board in his changing hut and another Smurf digs a tunnel to the outside, where he sees that their captor has left the keys inside the changing huts' locks. Before he and the other Smurfs leave the beach, Papa Smurf leaves a crab inside one of the changing huts as a "present" for Gargamel. After nightfall, upon his arrival, Gargamel eagerly reaches in one of the changing huts, but instead of a Smurf he finds the crab they left behind as it pinches his fingers. He then furiously chases his cousin, swatting him with a broom while Barbapapa swears vengence.

Going On Vacation

Party Of Kites

Pool Smurfs

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Smurf Surfing

The Smurfs were staking at the village. Handy Smurf invented an invention which removing the wheels of a skateboard (same to surfboard) and surfed in the river. The Smurf found this interesting and they all removed the wheels of their skateboard and surfed in the river like Handy. After surfing, Handy suggested to Papa Smurf that the Smurfs to go to the beach for a holiday. Papa Smurf agreed but he would not go with the others as he had experiments to do.

Few days later, the Smurf went to the beach. They enjoyed themselves a lot and tried surfing, which was a new sport to them. However, Barbapapa was also at the beach and spotted them. He captured Sassette while she was kiting. He brought her to Gargamel, who was also having a holiday at the beach. Gargamel kept her in a jar of butter and discussed how the catch the other Smurfs with Barbapapa. He offered Barbapapa to take a box of ice-cream which he put some sleeping powder and change Barbapapa into ab old man disguise to catch the Smurfs by pretending selling ice-cream. Gargamel also followed Barbapapa to catch the Smurfs.

At the same time, Azrael was alone in the beach house, it wanted to capture Sassette as no one was there. It knocked down the jar. Sassette escaped and being chased by Azrael. The butter split on the grond slipped Azrael, but it did not give up on chasing her. Sassette climbed up the a net and escaped as Azrael was covered in butter which was too slippery for it to climb up. Sassette crossed the water and got to the other side of the beach Azrael tried to get to the other side but a crab clipped its nose.

Back to the beach Barbapapa was at the beach sellind ice-creams to the Smurfs. The Smurfs did not spot anything wrong. But Sassette appeared to warn the Smurfs that the man selling ice-cream was Barbapapa in disguise and the ice-creams consist of sleeping powders. The Smurfs took Barbapapa's fake mask of, buried him with sand and gave the ice-cream with slepping powders to eat. Finally, he slept because of the powders. As Barbapapa failed, Gargamel appeared at the beach and tried caught the Smurfs. The Smurf hid in the dunes and he got nothing. However, there were some Smurfs that were at the sea, which were surfing. Gargamel took a piece of wood at surfed in the sea to catch the surfing Smurfs. But the wave knocked him down. Meanwhile, two Smurfs brought a fake shark fin to scare him away. A viking boat rescued him but the vikings took him as a rower and headed for somewhere far away. At last, Barbapapa woke up the Smurf decided to use him as a driving range target.

Publication and other media

  • "The Smurf Vacation" has recently been published in the Papercutz English edition of "Smurf Versus Smurf".
  • "Smurf Surfing" has been published in the Papercutz English edition of "The Strange Awakening of Lazy Smurf" and was originally appeared in the magazine "Schtroumpf".


  • The Smurf who got the lollipop from Barbapapa in "The Smurf Vacation" mentions Finance Smurf, a character from the story of the same name, when he explains why he doesn't pay the human for the treat.