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"The Smurfwalk Cafe" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

Smurfy Air Conditioner
Handy was working on a way to beat the summer heat...
Smurf Cream
...but instead he and Greedy come up with a smurfy new treat!

It is a hot summer day, and Smurfette is enjoying waterskiing on the River Smurf with Hefty Smurf doing the rowing and Baby Smurf sitting at the stern. Grouchy stands on the shore, saying "I hate summertime!", before he pulls out a pitcher of water and drenches himself with it. In Handy's workshop, the village inventor is busy working on a way for Smurfs to keep cool in their own houses with his new hand-cranked air conditioner when Greedy pays him a visit carrying a big heaping bowl of smurfberries and cream.

The village chef is ready to offer his friend some when he slips on a block of wood, causing his smurfberries and cream to be dumped into the ice inside the air conditioner. Soon Handy and Greedy see a creamy icy confection come out of the nozzle of the air conditioner. They both take a taste and find out that what the air conditioner produced was delicious. Soon the two Smurfs were brainstorming over what they should call this new delicacy, with one of the proposed names being "ice cream", before settling on "smurf cream" and shaking hands, calling each other "partner".

Up in the snowy mountains, Gargamel is busy gathering icicles to keep his house cool during the summer, while Handy and Greedy load up their wagon full of snow to make more smurf cream with. Soon Azrael's nose picks up the scent of Smurfs and tries to get the pounce on them, but the two Smurfs dodge Azrael and he ends up sliding on the ice until he hits a tree, dumping a pile of snow on him. Then Gargamel turns his attention on the Smurfs Azrael has found, and they both make a run for it up the mountain until they see they are at the top of the precipice, with no way to escape.

But just before Gargamel can get a hold of the Smurfs, something much bigger has a hold of him -- the Snowbeast, who has arrived to toss the evil wizard away until he and Azrael turn into a rolling snowball going down the mountain. They land in the water near where Hefty pulls the boat out of the water, with Smurfette carrying Baby Smurf. Hefty comments that Gargamel knows how to keep cool in the summer, which only irritates the evil wizard to the point where he wishes that an even bigger snowball would land right on top of their village. And then Gargamel is inspired with an idea to make that wish come true.

With the blast of a horn, Harmony introduces Handy and Greedy's Smurfwalk Cafe, which is where the two Smurfs will serve smurf cream for the rest of the Smurfs to try out. Papa Smurf is the first to try out a bowl, and he finds himself almost without words as he enjoys the taste. The other Smurfs soon discover the delicious joy of smurf cream for themselves, and were so impressed that they were wondering who came up with the idea for smurf cream. Both Handy and Greedy say "I did!" at the same time before they both started to argue over who should get the credit, and that argument gets really heated to the point where Brainy gets tossed along with his chair, and where the two Smurfs decided to part ways. The other Smurfs fearfully watch as the Smurfwalk Cafe stand gets dismantled by both Handy and Greedy.

Afterward, they both try to do smurf cream without each other. Handy offers his version to his fellow Smurfs, but because he is not a chef, his smurf cream ends up tasting like sawdust. Greedy, on the other hand, offers 100 flavors of smurf cream, but because he is not an inventor, his version ends up coming out like goop from his machine. Smurfette realizes from these failures that Handy and Greedy really do need each other.

Meanwhile, Gargamel is busy packing a giant snowball that he is ready to roll down the mountain and use to squash the entire Smurf Village flat. As he laughs at the thought of all the destruction he will cause, Handy and Greedy both find themselves without customers and with their ice melting, so as they both head off to the mountain to get more snow, they run into each other, asking how their own businesses are going. Neither of them are willing to admit the honest truth about the situation.

Papa Smurf looks out the window and thinks that he has seen the sun setting early that day until he realizes that what he is actually seeing is a giant snowball blocking the sun. And now Gargamel is ready to let the snowball start rolling, which Handy and Greedy both see and call out for the Snowbeast's help. The white hairy creature responds by picking the evil wizard up and throwing him to the top of the mountain. However, he causes an avalanche as Gargamel slides down the mountain, knocking the giant snowball down as well. Handy and Greedy hang on for dear life as the snowball runs right over them and then right over the village until it stops right in the middle of Gargamel's muck pond.

Handy sees that Greedy is now buried in the snow and so quickly tries to dig him out, until the Snowbeast offers a hand and Handy is able to pull Greedy up to the surface. Greedy is surprised to hear Handy call him "partner" again, as is Handy himself, making them both realize that smurf cream just wouldn't be smurf cream without each other. As the Smurfs now dig out all the snow that has covered their village, Clumsy wonders what they could do with all the snow, and Papa Smurf suggests that they can make smurf cream with it -- and Handy and Greedy decide that they're going to make it together as partners. With that matter settled, Brainy proceeds with the orders for how he wants his smurf cream while adding "and I want it now!" He gets his order really fast, as his face gets splattered with smurf cream, leaving him to compliment on the service.


  • After creating smurf cream with Handy, Greedy's napkin is drawn more like the average handkerchief.


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