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"The Smurfy Verdict" is a Season 7 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

It was a bright sunny morning in the Smurf Village, as Baby tickles Papa Smurf while he makes his potions for Homnibus. He was just about to finish when Brainy arrives to help, but Papa claims that he is too busy with his potions. However he has one job for Brainy to do - he has to take care of Baby while Papa is busy, much to Brainy's disappointment.

Meanwhile out in the woods, all the other Smurfs (including the Smurflings and Wild) are having fun. When Brainy arrived with Baby in his hands, Snappy asks him if he would like to be his partner for three-legged race. He accepts, but as they're about to get ready - the race was soon be ready to begin! Just then Clumsy arrives, Brainy asks him to take care of Baby for him. But as Clumsy tells him that his hands are full, the other Smurfs bumps into him - causing him to drop both the bowl of salad and Baby Smurf to the ground. (however Baby is fine) But as they're apologized to Clumsy for having bumped into him, they were unaware that Baby crawls away from their watchful eyes!

Later as Sassette and Wild had both won the race, Snappy and Brainy argues with each other for losing. Soon as everyone are about to have their salad, Smurfette noticed that Baby Smurf is missing. But as Brainy claims that he had Clumsy to take care of Baby for him, Clumsy realizes this and every smurf starts to panic about Baby's disappearance and went to tell Papa Smurf about it.

Soon the search party began with Chitter sniffing around, while everyone else follow both him and Wild. Brainy tells Papa that it was all Clumsy's fault for losing Baby, but Papa doesn't have time to intervene or interfere as they continue their search. Just then Wild notice some tracks - much to Papa and the other Smurfs' surprise, wondering where it'll take them to find Baby.

But, as the search continues, Brainy still accused Clumsy for Baby's disappearance. However, Papa tells him that it isn't important to blame someone else, while finding Baby is - while tells his little Smurfs that he had a feeling that they were close to find Baby. Meanwhile, Baby was taking a ride on a duck, and after it ends - he waves goodbye and wanders off again on his little adventure.

Later, he ended up at the cave full of family of bears, where a little bear tries to pull Baby's rattle from him. But as he falls over, Baby tickles the little bear's tummy with his rattle - they were having lots of fun. Meanwhile at the same place where Baby had went, Chitter, Wild and all the other Smurfs had found where Baby had gone to - while Clumsy feels terribly worried for Baby's safety. As they all went inside the cave, Brainy is still quick to blame Clumsy for having Baby's been eaten by the little bear - much to his horror. But Papa simply tells him that bears don't eat Smurfs, but the family of bears growls at them.

Luckily for them, Wild shows them a rattle, while asking them where Baby had gone off too. Soon, the family of bears had directed them to where Baby is wandering off elsewhere, and they were all bid their farewells to each other.

Later, as Baby stops for a rest by the stream, he accidentally pulls Azrael's tail - whom jumps out of nowhere! But, fortunately for him, Wild comes to his rescue and knocks Azrael down to the stream. The search party has ended and Baby is safe from harm, while Azrael floats along the stream - much to his anger.

Back at the Smurf Village after Baby had been safely put in the pen, Papa is finally ready to be on his way to meet Homnibus. While Brainy tells him that Clumsy should be deserved for a punishment for losing Baby, Papa is quick to tell him that no Smurf should be condemned, unless they would be put on fair trial, to which Brainy reluctantly agrees on the point. However as Papa left the village to let his little Smurfs look after Baby while he is gone, Brainy just wouldn't stop being such a nuisance and was planning to put Clumsy on trial - much to the horror of his friends. This has sparked the argument over the subject if Clumsy should either be guilty or innocent.

Later after Brainy had put Clumsy in his place at a cage, Smurfette hurried in to set Clumsy free. But Brainy tells her that the prisoner should be put behind bars, hence Clumsy chose to stay to think over the decision of being guilty, or not being guilty. As he does so, Vanity and Jokey were hiding in a bush after put an exploding present outside the bars where Clumsy stays, as part of their plan to set him free. However as they did it, Clumsy still made his decision to stay there until he is proven guilty.

Soon the trial had been set in, with Greedy as his honor and Brainy as the judge. As Clumsy couldn't know what to do, Smurfette and Sassette tries to comfort their friend. While Snappy has to carry 12 volumes of Brainy's trial tips books for him, and soon the trail has began.

As the jury in court progresses, Brainy still claiming Clumsy's guiltiness for losing Baby - which sends every Smurf drifting off after all his bragging. Later, Baby was lined up to witness the truth, only to have him squash Brainy's nose! Even Smurfette said that Baby isn't talking yet. It took forever and as Smurfette asks Brainy if he was supposed to be taking care of Baby, then she asks him if he left Baby, so that he would have joined the picnic earlier. This has Brainy objects that she is leading the witness, which has Clumsy pondering at the thought.

As Wild was lined up to witness, Sassette pulls out Brainy's cloak - revealing that he has some cakes around his body, causing everyone to argue again. However, as it goes on, Baby wanders off to the woods. Luckily, Clumsy spotted Baby as he went out of sight, and tries to tell everyone where Baby has gone off to. But, as he does so, Papa Smurf came back to ask for an explanation. Brainy tells him that he was putting Clumsy on trial at the court for Baby's disappearance, but Papa tells everyone that it isn't only Clumsy who was responsible for losing Baby - when it's every Smurf and Smurfling who are all responsible for his well being. Then he asks them where Baby had gone off to, which alarmed them all at once! So they went off quickly to find Baby, while Brainy realized that Clumsy has escaped.

Sometime later, Clumsy has eventually found Baby resting by a tree and was thankful that his little friend is okay, just as Papa and the other Smurfs arrived to cheer Clumsy for having found Baby, who was once again unharmed and is finally safe in Clumsy's hands, and Clumsy has proved himself to be innocent after all. But, as Brainy congratulates everyone for having found the little Smurfling, he stated that he has to finish of his case - only for Smurfette and the Smurflings to shout at him that the case is closed. And they all throw Brainy out of sight, which has him mutters to himself about some justice.

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