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The Smurfy Way (also known as the Smurfs theme song) is one of two alternate theme songs that replaced the Smurf song used in the introduction sequence of the Smurfs cartoon show in non-American markets.

This Smurfs theme song was originally developed by Hanna-Barbera for use in the UK and European markets of the Smurfs cartoon show. A lower-pitched instrumental version, as used in shortened form, is played during the closing credits.

Aside from the other theme song, several foreign markets use "The Smurfy Way" for either seasons 3-7, 4-7, 1-7, 1-6, 3-6, 4-6, 3-5, 3-8, 4-8, or not for any season at all.



The Smurfs - Opening Credits

The Season 1 intro for the Smurfs cartoon show with the "Smurfy Way" European theme song

The Season 1 intro sequence (which was mostly used for seasons 1-6 in several international markets) features the following as the lyrics to this theme song:

Male Narrator (Cam Clarke): Far, very far from here, some 2000 miles away, that's where they live and work and plaaaay...
Smurfs: (sung in unison) Being a Smurf is good, so that's why we sing all day. We're doing things the Smurfy waaaay...
Male Narrator: (spoken) But there's danger there, lurking everywhere 'cause Gargamel will catch them if he can!*
Gargamel: (spoken) Oooooo I hate Smurfs!
Smurfs: (sung in unison) That is true, indeed, and we will retreat, to Papa Smurf who always has a plan!
Gargamel: (spoken, while Smurfs are singing the above line) I'll get you, I'll get all of you if it's the last thing I ever do! Hee hee hee hee ha ha ha ha!
Smurfs: (sung in unison) No one will ever find the road to our hideaway, we live there happily and gaaaay... Being a Smurf is good, and that's why we sing all day, doing things the Smurfy waaaaaay!
  • When the narrator introduces Gargamel, a bit of recording is heard from the original narrator's spoken dialouge from the first version of Season 1 intro is heard. ("...bad." is used from the line, "Then, there was Gargamel, the evil wizard. He was bad.")

International variations

  • Some foreign markets use the intro sequence with this theme song, while the closing credits use the other international theme song. Other markets may use "The Smurfy Way" closing theme, whereas the other international theme song is used for the intro sequence.
  • The French, Hungarian, and Dutch versions have a female performing the male narrator's lines. For the French version from 1986, the intro used portions of the opening sequences from seasons 4 and 5, instead of the Season 1 opening. This intro was used for seasons 4 through 7.
  • In the Hebrew version, the first lines are sung by a woman, and then the scene with Gargamel's castle has a male narrator.
  • A extended version was made for album releases and is performed in Italian by Cristina D'Avena and in Dutch by Conny Vink. During all of this, Gargamel is not heard at all.
  • In the German, Brazillian Portuguese (2011 re-dub), Slovenian, Croatian, and Turkish (re-dub) versions, the background music for this song plays, and is accompanied by a spoken male narrator, transcribing the dialogue from the original Season 1 intro in the USA. This was also used for Greek VHS releases with a female narrator.
  • Several karaoke versions of this theme song exist and may contain small bits of dialouge:
  • For the original dubs of the Smurfs cartoon show in Latin Spanish and Turkish, the whole opening is completely instrumental, with the only dialogue being spoken by Gargamel and the narrator introducing Gargamel's castle. (The Spanish version also has the narrator introduce the show at the end of the intro, where the Smurf heads towards the mushroom.) Part of this version (leaving out most of the beginning) is used for the Spanish language track of the syndicated "Smurfs Adventures" series for seasons 3-6.
    • Recent Chinese dubs use the first half of the English audio, until Gargamel's castle is shown, with Gargamel and the male narrator's dialouge being in Chinese. After Gargamel gets trapped in the log, the rest of the intro is instrumental.
  • A completely instrumental version without any vocals or dialogue exists on the Croatian dub of a 2004 Slavic DVD edition of "Baby's First Word".
  • Another short version of the opening which goes from "We're doing things the Smurfy way" to the "No one will ever find the road to our hideaway..." was used during the closing credits for the French version of the Smurfs cartoon show. The German version of the show uses this same short version of the theme, using the original English audio in a sharper restored quality, whearas other foreign markets that carry the English opening currently hasn't completely sharpened the audio for restoration yet. This version was also used for unrestored prints of season 6 episodes in the Czech Republic.
  • Unlike the French and German versions, the full opening plays during the closing credits for the Hebrew version.
  • Some foreign markets (or reruns of some foreign-language episodes) use the original English version of this theme song with a overlapping dialogue:
  • The Russian version uses a spoken Russian diaglouge, transcribing the original narration from the original USA version of the intro sequence.
  • In the Bulgarian version, only Gargamel's lines are overlapped.
  • The Romanian version originally had the song left in English, but later releases had the intro dubbed with a spoken narration.
  • The Polish version has a few more instruments added while the Smurfs are singing their lines.
    • Interestingly, the Polish chorus lyrics somewhat break the fourth wall and invite the viewers to switch on their TVs and tune into the episode.
  • In the Basque version, when Gargamel's castle is shown, the male narrator isn't heard.
  • In the original 1984 Greek dub, Gargamel isn't heard while he is chasing one of the Smurfs through the forest.
  • In the B92 Serbian dub, Azrael can be heard meowing and the male narrator also sings the second-to-last line, while Gargamel gets trapped in the log.
  • The Vietnamese dub also used a different instrumental arrangement. Like the Hebrew version, the entire opening theme also plays during the closing credits.
  • In the Arabic Cartoon Network's dub (seasons 3-8), Gargamel starts shouting earlier while the narrator introduces him.
  • The original Finnish VHS dub uses the Swedish intro.

Other Song Translations

  • French: "Le Pays des Schtroumpfs"
  • Italian: "Che bello essere un Puffo"
  • Dutch: "Smurfen dat zijn wij"