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The Smurfs: The TeleTransport Smurf is a game released for Microsoft Windows.


Gargamel is holding Smurfette prisoner in his mansion by putting her to sleep "for all eternity" with a magic spell. Six Smurfs who witnessed the kidnap report the mishap to Papa Smurf who immediately finds an effective way of undoing the spell in his spell books - the "teletransportsmurf". However, he will need some brave Smurfs to search for all the components necessary from each and every corner of Smurfland.

Gameplay consists mostly of mini-games, such as spotting Brainy in a crowd photo or blowing out the candles on Lazy's birthday cake. The player is to win these games in order to gain dewdrops, which serve as currency and points. The specific components the player needs to gather (and the amount of said components) are randomly generated at the start of the game.

Playable Characters

Each player can choose one of the following six Smurfs to play as:



  • English voices for the characters were provided by Adriana Maccoll (Smurfette/Magic Well), Les Clacks and Joe Sheridan.
  • The opening and ending sequences was reused from the Sega CD release of the 1994 Smurfs video game, but with full voice acting and sound effects added.

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