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This is not to be confused with the Season 9 episode Trojan Smurfs.

"The Trojan Smurf" is a Season 4 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.


Yeah, sure, go ahead...there's no harm in bringing a giant Papa Smurf statue into the there?

Gargamel is walking with Azrael in the Smurf Forest, carrying a machine that reveals itself to behave like a vacuum cleaner as the wizard tests it out on some acorns lying on the ground. Azrael is scared off by the testing of this machine as it almost tries to suck him up as well. Meanwhile, a group of Smurfs are busy picking smurfberries while tolerating Brainy's need to express himself in the way that he knows how. Soon Gargamel shows up with his machine, ready to pick Smurfs with it. While the other Smurfs try to hang on to the bushes for dear life as the wizard attempts to suck them into his machine, Hefty slips behind him and blocks up the hose long enough for Gargamel to lift up the nozzle to his face, causing the machine to suck up his nose when Hefty releases his grip. The Smurfs make a run for it while Gargamel struggles to get the nozzle off his nose until his machine explodes, with the evil wizard steaming mad to see his prey get away.

Vowing to get even with the Smurfs for foiling his plans, Gargamel is hard at work chopping down a large tree which he intends to use for his next evil scheme. He suffers pain as the tree falls down on him and then later when he hurts his hands sculpting the tree into a particular form. But then his efforts have paid off, as now he has a giant Papa Smurf statue made from the tree which he can hide inside and wait for some unsuspecting Smurfs to take home with them, knowing how much they love Papa Smurf and want to show their appreciation for him. Gargamel then takes the Papa Smurf statue out by the Great Oak Tree, where he will wait for the Smurfs to come. He tries to get Azrael to run along home when he hears Smurfs coming, but instead the cat hides with his master inside the statue, causing them to briefly struggle until Azrael shushes him.

A group of Smurfs are coming back home to the Smurf Village carrying baskets of smurfberries when Brainy notices the giant Papa Smurf statue standing near the Great Oak. He reads the accompanying note, saying that it comes from a secret admirer, and decides that they should take it to the village as a monument of all that is Smurf. Handy tries to dissuade his fellow Smurfs from doing that, saying that it might be a trick. But Brainy's reasoning wins out over Handy's objections and soon the Smurfs are lugging the giant statue with them. Within the statue, Gargamel is gloating, seeing that his plan is working perfectly.

However, en route to the village, the Smurfs and Gargamel encounter their first problem: the bridge crossing the River Smurf is too small for the statue to go over. Hefty suggests sawing the statue into smaller pieces (which makes Gargamel gasp), but Brainy has a better idea of taking an alternate route, saying that he knows a "short cut". The alternate route, as it turns out, is full of rocks strewn in its path, which bounce Gargamel and Azrael around inside the statue. Soon the statue comes to a stop, but only because the Smurfs have reached a steep incline that they need to get the statue down. As the Smurfs argue over which would be the best way to get the statue down the incline, it starts rolling down on its own, which makes Gargamel and Azrael fearful. Tuffy tries to stop the statue rolling down by himself, but it runs right over him. The other Smurfs grab the rope to the cart and dig in to keep the statue from going over a precipice, tying it to a rock when they succeed.

Handy then has the Smurfs lower the statue down into the valley on a rope, which makes Gargamel increasingly fearful until the rope snaps, and then he screams as he and the statue fall into the river below. To make things even worse, the floating statue is now riding its way toward a waterfall, and down below Bigmouth is happily bathing himself when he gets hit by the statue. He sees that it's a big Papa Smurf doll, and also notices that it speaks, but gets displeased when the doll calls him "Mummy" and not "Daddy". Bigmouth takes the statue with him and sleeps with it near a tree, happy with his new toy. The Smurfs who are looking for the statue find it with Bigmouth, who manage to get it out of his hands with Tuffy tickling the ogre's nose with the feather while the other Smurfs secret it out of sight. Then Bigmouth awakes to find that his new toy is gone and goes off to find it again.

Upon reaching the village, Brainy notices that the Papa Smurf statue needs some cosmetic touch-ups to make it presentable, and so the group of Smurfs slap a fresh coat of paint onto it, splattering some blue paint over Gargamel's eyes. Soon Papa Smurf is called out for the presentation of the statue, which awes the village leader to the point of asking his little Smurfs where they found the time to build it. Brainy and Handy say that it came from a secret admirer and that they found it by the Great Oak Tree. This makes Papa Smurf suspicious about the statue even as it suddenly opens with Gargamel and Azrael coming out of it, ready to capture Smurfs and fill his sack full of them.

Bigmouth is going to spend some time with his new Papa Smurf doll.

Handy and Hefty get the catapult ready to pelt the evil wizard with smurfberries when Tuffy lures Azrael onto it, causing him to be catapulted into the air and away from the village. Then the Smurfs decide to use the Papa Smurf statue against Gargamel, pushing him into it and then binding it up in rope before leaving the wizard out in the forest inside the statue, only to be found by Bigmouth who is happy to have his Papa Smurf doll again.


  • The backpack vacuum device that Gargamel uses to capture Smurfs in this episode is similar to the leaf blower he would use in the 2011 Smurfs movie.

Background Information

  • A children's book adaption of this episode was released internationally. It is one of few Smurfs Classic books that have not yet been physically released in the US.


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