Thierry Culliford
Also Known AsPeyo (current pen name)
RelativesPierre Culliford (father, deceased)
Nine Culliford (mother, deceased)
Veronique Culliford (sister)
Olivia Culliford (daughter)
Victoria Culliford (daughter)
John Culliford (son)
OccupationCartoon Script Writer, Studio Peyo Supervisor

Thierry Culliford, the current user of the pen name Peyo, is the son of Belgian artist Pierre Culliford, and is currently continuing his father's work on the Smurfs, mostly in the area of scripting stories. Thierry is not to be confused with the original Peyo, who created the Smurfs. Thierry is the brother of Véronique Culliford, who was responsible for the production of the 2011 Smurfs movie. His mother is Nine Culliford.