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The Time Scrolls were part of Grandpa Smurf's secret chamber that was hidden in his cellar that he used in the episode "The Smurfs That Time Forgot". They were used for time-traveling by selecting which scroll the traveler wants to use, since each scroll can take a traveler to a specific point in time (and also to its corresponding geographical location, as the one Snappy had pulled was to ancient Egypt). Then, when the scroll is used in conjunction with the magic time crystals and the magic key that could arrange them in a specific order, a magical time whirlwind would take the traveler to that specific place -- with the traveler's clothes modified according to gender and to the specific point in time (and geographical location) the traveler arrives in.

Grandpa Smurf used a Time Scroll that would take him, Papa Smurf, and Crinkles the baby dinosaur that the Smurfs had found back to the prehistoric era. However, as he was using the magic key to arrange the time crystals to take them back to that time period, the rope of the crane Handy was using to lower Crinkles into the chamber had broke, and though a dozen or so Smurfs tried to keep Crinkles from falling on the crystals, they ended up falling into the chamber along with Crinkles just as the magical whirlwind appeared. Soon Grandpa Smurf, Papa Smurf, and Crinkles were joined by those other Smurfs plus Smoogle. Also the Time Scrolls were pulled from their cubbyholes and shredded to bits as the whirlwind arose from the chamber and then disappeared, leaving behind remains of the Time Scrolls and the left-behind Smurfs wondering what's going to happen to the time-traveling Smurfs.

In the prehistoric era, as the time-traveling Smurfs have finished safely bringing Crinkles back home to his family, Grandpa Smurf was about to use the key to arrange the time crystals to bring the group back home to their time and to the Smurf Village when a giant dinosaur attacked them, causing Grandpa Smurf to lose his grip on the key and to send it dangling on a branch over a lava pit. Grandpa Smurf tried to rescue the key, but instead he ended up sending it into the lava pit where it was dissolved. Without the key, Papa Smurf had to resort to figuring out the hard way the right combination of assembling the time crystals together, which resulted in his group of Smurfs going from one time period (and geographical location) to another, with no certainty of whether they will ever make it home.

Characters trapped by the Time Scrolls


  • Reassembling these crystal by hand (since the key was lost during the prehistoric era) required a lot of patience, as seen in "Papa Loses His Patience".

In other media

  • A similar type of crystals in the videogame The Smurfs Travel The World cause Inquisitive Smurf and Smurfette to be transported around the world, and they must collect the crystals in each part of the world in order to return home. However, the crystals in that game do not transport those Smurfs through time.
  • In the movie The Smurfs 2, the smurfportation crystals serve a similar function to the Time Scroll crystals, allowing for time travel to specific locations and time periods (the Winslows' apartment in New York City and the Smurf Village), but only require one crystal for each Smurf and are ingested instead of arranged in any specific pattern, since they are made from the water within the grotto of the Forbidden Falls.