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Count Tremaine (French: Comte de Tréville) is a re-occurring character in the Johan and Peewit comic books, but he does not appear in any of the the television shows or movies. His first Appearance is in Basenhau's Punishment, where he is shown as a Knight and mentor to Johan, who appears to still be a page or squire at the time. He appears as a main character in at least two other comic books: The Moonstone and The Black Arrow. He is shown to be a skilled warrior who is good at jousting. He is tall, thin, and blonde.


  • His hairstyle changes over the course of his appearances, and it is implied that several years pass between Basenhau's Punishment and The Black Arrow, due to Johan being visibly older in all of the comics after Basenhau.
  • He lives at the King's castle.
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