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This is not to be confused with the Season 4 episode The Trojan Smurf.

"Trojan Smurfs" is a Season 9 episode from the Smurfs cartoon show.

Plot Summary

In a castle overlooking the sea, a young girl named Petula is tossing toys out of her window, with one of them hitting a passing bird. She is totally dissatisfied with the toys that her servant Stupidites has brought her, despite his claim that nine out of ten toymakers agree that those toys were the best toys in the whole world. Her other servant Imbecilus tries to achieve what Stupidites has failed to do with his toys, but Petula only does the same thing with the toys Imbecilus has brought her. She says that she wants fun toys, the kind of toys that no other kid has, and she wants them now or she's going to tell her father. Imbecilus tries to talk some sense into the young girl, saying that such toys just don't fall out of the blue.

Petula's new toy is such a living doll!

Meanwhile, the time whirlwind appears and dumps the Smurfs on the beach near the castle, this time dressed in Grecian-style clothes. Brainy says it's safe to assume that they didn't make it home, and Sassette is tearfully drawing a picture of her doll Smurfy Lou on the sand, saying that she misses her something awful. Papa Smurf tries to console the young Smurfling by saying they all miss their homes, but until then they must look for "the smurfier things" in life. Smurfette comes to cheer her little sister Smurf up by saying she'll help her find something that she can play with.

While Petula cries for her father and he deals with the servants, demanding for them to make his daughter happy or he will send them to work in the olive pits, Smurfette is looking around the shore of the sea for something that will make Sassette happy. She then sees a lot of discarded toys lying around on the beach and tries out the jack-in-the-box when she hears somebody coming. She dives into the jack-in-the-box as Stupidites comes along to collect the toys that were thrown out of the castle. Sassette watches as the servant takes the jack-in-the-box Smurfette is hiding in and puts it in the sack to deliver it back inside the castle. The young Smurfling believes it's all her fault that Smurfette is captured and goes to tell Papa Smurf about it.

Inside the castle, Petula is running Imbecilus ragged as he is playing horsey with the spoiled child, eventually collapsing from exhaustion and making her want a real horse. Stupidites enters her room with the sack of toys from the beach, telling Petula that she hasn't even given those toys a chance to be played with. Petula kicks the sack away, causing Smurfette to spring out of the jack-in-the-box and right into the young girl's hands, making her think that she has a new doll. Smurfette tries to tell Petula she's not a doll, but she's too impressed with how lifelike the doll is and how she actually talks. Stupidites tries to tell Petula that the little blue girl is not a toy, but Imbecilus tells Stupidites if making Petula thinking she has a new doll will keep her quiet, then they won't tell her anything different. Petula is so pleased with her new doll that she says she's going to name her after herself -- Pretty Peti. Smurfette only says to Petula that her attitude is "pretty pitiful".

On the beach, Sassette tells Papa Smurf about Smurfette's capture, which makes him raring to go after her and save her. He tells Handy and Smoogle to come with him while the others stay behind together and protect the crystals. Brainy is wondering aloud why Papa Smurf wouldn't bring him along, saying that he has great knowledge of ancient cultures, and Hefty quickly silences Brainy, suggesting that Papa Smurf should bring him along just to give the other Smurfs peace of mind. Papa Smurf reluctantly decides that Brainy should come along as well. However, when Sassette shows how eager she is in rescuing Smurfette, Papa Smurf tells her that she must stay behind because the mission is too dangerous for a Smurfling. This makes Sassette plead with Papa Smurf to take her along because it was her fault that Smurfette got into this mess to begin with.

Inside the castle, Petula's father is pleased to see that Stupidites has made his daughter happy and so he makes Stupidites head babysitter over his partner Imbecilus, making him rather jealous. Petula then places her new doll inside her dollhouse and tells Stupidites that she's going to take her nap now, so he must make sure her new doll doesn't escape or he's fired. Imbecilus takes advantage of this and tells Stupidites that if his partner gets fired for losing the new doll, he gets his old job back.

Outside at the door of the castle, Sassette wonders how they will ever get in. Brainy tries the simple method of knocking on the door, but seeing that nobody is answering, he says that they should be going. Smoogle tries a louder knock and the door opens, but Papa Smurf hears noises coming from inside the castle and tells his little Smurfs to hide. They watch as a couple of Minotaurs with pitchforks look around for whatever just knocked on the door. Handy wonders how they will get past the guards, and Sassette is ready to teach the horn heads a lesson, but Papa Smurf tells her they'll find another way into the castle.

In Petula's bedroom, while the child and Stupdites are both sleeping, Imbecilus creeps in using a large vase and carefully slips out of it so he could take Smurfette out of the dollhouse and take her someplace so that he can place blame on Stupdites for letting the doll escape. But when Imbecilus places Smurfette on the windowsill, she sees an opportunity for an escape, which makes Imbecilus climb out onto the ledge to get her. In his climbing out, though, he steps on Stupdites' face and wakes him up, causing him to knock over the vase and shatter it, waking up Petula. She goes to her dollhouse and, seeing that her new toy is not in there, tells Stupidites that his nightmares have just begun.

Papa Smurf and the Smurfs with him reach the window near Petula's bedroom outside the castle when they see Imbecilus is out on the ledge to get Smurfette. He grabs her just as the ledge starts to crumble from his weight and quickly tosses Smurfette to Stupidites so he can give her back to Petula while he himself falls into a barrel of goop. While Petula thanks Stupidites for giving her back the doll, Imbecilus grumbles as he crawls out of the barrel that he wishes to find a special kind of toy that would get Petula's mind off the talking doll. Papa Smurf overhears this and is inspired with an idea of how they can get in to rescue Smurfette.

Sometime later, Imbecilus returns to the castle's front door when he notices a rocking horse nearby, seeing it as the kind of horse Petula wants that would never tire out. He takes the rocking horse inside, saying that this will help him get his old job back. He doesn't notice that inside the rocking horse itself are a few Smurfs ready to invade a little girl's bedroom. Soon Petula is having fun playing with her new rocking horse, while the Smurfs inside it wait for the opportunity to rescue Smurfette from her dollhouse imprisonment.

Sassette has a blond moment.

A little later, while Petula is taking her nap again, a ladder lowers from the rocking horse and the Smurfs quietly climb out of it to get Smurfette out of the dollhouse. The two female Smurfs happily hug each other and start to make their apologies, but Papa Smurf tells them there's time for that later. As they head back to the rocking house, Sassette is distracted by the sight of a music box and operates it, causing Petula to wake up to see that more little blue dolls are stealing hers. Petula screams for her servants while the Smurfs inside the rocking horse operate the pedals, turning the rocking horse into a rolling horse in order to make their escape. Stupidites and Imbecilus give chase to the rocking horse as it flees from the bedroom. Handy then activates a catapult to launch olives at the two servants, causing them to fall flat on their backs. But the way out of the castle is blocked by the two Minotaur guards, who now chase after the rocking horse. Handy gives them the slip by pouring a pitcher of olive oil onto the floor, causing the Minotaurs to slide down the hall and open the doors so that the Smurfs could escape.

While Petula's father deals harshly with the two servants for making his daughter very upset, Smurfette is at the beach with her fellow Smurfs apologizing to Sassette for not finding a toy for her to play with. Sassette is glad nonetheless to have Smurfette as a friend, because she saw that Petula had lots of toys and they didn't make her as happy as Sassette is with her friends.

Background Information

  • In one shot near the end of the episode, Sassette appears blond instead of with orange hair.


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