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Tuffy Smurf (original French name Schtroumpf Batailleur) is one of the characters of the Smurfs cartoon show, who has appeared on the show during Season 4 in four episodes. He's a Smurf who wants to be like Hefty, but tends to be rather reckless to the point where he endangers his fellow Smurfs. He's easily identified by a belt that he wears around his Smurf pants. He isn't to be confused with Weakling Smurf.

His character was voiced by Pat Fraley



"Ah, that giant didn't look so tough!"
"That's because he wasn't alive yet!"

- Hefty and Tuffy arguing.

"Knocked that cat silly. Of course it was me who first stood up to face that cat, but it didn't take Hefty long to join the fight."
"Fight? There was no fight, there was two hits: Azrael hit you, and you hit the ground!"

- Tuffy talking about his and Hefty's "victory."

"Aw, how can you be mad at a giant that says he's sorry?"

- Tuffy when Dufus says he's sorry.

"Me? Afraid of Bigmouth? You must be out of your smurf!"
"Oh, come now, Tuffy!"
"Smurf the truth."
"I am smurfing the truth, I'm not a-scared of that oaf, I'm not a-scared of nothing"

- Vanity and Brainy taunting Tuffy.


  • He supposedly is afraid of Bigmouth, but tries to prove otherwise.
  • In "Gargamel's Giant", Hefty states he is always getting Tuffy out of messes, but it is only shown in this episode.
  • He likes to work on his own as shown when he tries to stop the wooden Papa Smurf from rolling down a hill in "The Trojan Smurf".
  • He puts an "a" in front of "scared" when saying it.
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