Weather Smurfing Machine 1
The weather-smurfing machine
Weather Smurfing Machine 2
The controls to the machine
Weather Smurfing Machine 3
The Smurf figure that makes the skies sunny
Weather Smurfing Machine 4
The Smurf figure that makes the skies rainy
Weather-Smurfing Machine
PurposeWeather control
First AppearanceSeason 1

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For other uses, see The Weather-Smurfing Machine (disambiguation)

The weather-smurfing machine was a machine created by Handy in the comic book story "The Weather-Smurfing Machine" and the cartoon show episode "Foul Weather Smurf" in order to control the climate around the Smurf forest.

Handy developed this device when, on the day that the Smurfs were supposed to have their annual picnic, the day turned out to be rainy. Using his mechanical know-how, Handy converted a watermill near the Smurf Village into the weather-smurfing machine. In his demonstration of how it works, Handy pulled a switch, which caused an arm on a weather clock to turn to the picture of a sun, and from the roof of the watermill, a Smurf figure in a bathing suit and sunglasses emerged like a cuckoo in a cuckoo clock, waving his arms toward the sky, and the rainy sky suddenly cleared and became sunny. Handy pulled another switch, and though there was no visible indication of such from the machine itself, there was a sudden powerful gust of wind that blew the Smurfs around.

With the sky back to being clear and sunny, the Smurfs went on their picnic, though only two Smurfs, Poet and Farmer, stayed behind. Farmer wanted the sky to be rainy so that his crops could grow, so he went to the weather-smurfing machine and pulled the switch. A Smurf figure holding an umbrella emerged from the hatch in the roof, and soon the sky turned rainy. This had upset Poet, who was trying to compose "An Ode To The Sun", so he went to the machine and pulled the switch that made the sky clear and sunny again. The two Smurfs fought for control over the weather-smurfing machine until eventually they broke the controls, causing the weather-smurfing machine to go out of control and create random weather changes that disrupted normal nature patterns in the forest. The Smurfs who were at the picnic were seeing the effects of the weather-smurfing machine going out of control, and decided that they would return to the village. Along their way, they were beset with heavy rainstorms, thick fog, chilly snowfalls, and muddy grounds.

Upon reaching the weather-smurfing machine, Handy found out that it was so out of control that there was no way he could stop it -- until he decided to turn Brainy's umbrella into a kite and fly it straight into the suddenly stormy sky, attaching the other end of the string to the control panel. (In the original comic book story, it was Papa Smurf who decided to turn Brainy's umbrella into a kite.) Lightning then struck the kite, sending enough electricity into the weather-smurfing machine that totally destroyed it, restoring climate control back to normal. The Smurfs learned that day that control of the weather belongs solely in the hands of nature.


  • The weather dial appears in the same place that the Aerosmurf does in "Salad Smurfs".
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