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Wild Smurf (or just Wild, his original French name Schtroumpf Sauvage) is one of the main characters of the Smurfs cartoon show that has appeared from Season 7 to the end. He also appears in the comic book story "The Wild Smurf".

He was a Smurf who, at the time his fellow Smurfs were "born", was accidentally lost in the forest and spent his years being raised by a family of squirrels until his first official appearance as an adult Smurf in the two-part episode "Smurf On The Wild Side" and in the comic book story. He is identified by a leaf-woven Smurf hat and a loincloth that he wears.

He tends to speak mostly in squirrel talk and has rather feral habits, such as scratching his ears like a dog. In the comic books, Wild eventually learned how to speak in Smurf language which is mostly due to Brainy's tutoring. It is also Brainy who tried his very best to teach Wild Smurf proper manners and normal everyday things, such as sleeping in a bed rather than ontop of a cupboard. Wild gives Brainy a hard time, but eventually Brainy's tutoring pays off, and Brainy and Wild get to be good friends in the process.

Wild appears in some Smurf-related videogames, such as Smurf Racer (as a playable character), Smurfs' Village, and The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf (with an actual speaking voice).

His character was voiced by Frank Welker.


  • The character of Wild Smurf is based on the classic literature character of Tarzan.
  • Wild Smurf's best friend is Chitter. Chitter's great-great-great-great grandmother discovered Wild when he was lost shortly after 'birth.' It was Chitter's ancestors who raised him until the Smurfs found him.
  • Wild Smurf is one of the few Smurfs that doesn't live in the Smurf Village. The forest is his home with Chitter and his family. He is a visitor of Smurf Village.