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Wooly is a minor character of the Smurfs cartoon show. He is the Smurf who is responsible for shearing sheep for their wool, which the Smurfs need to make their clothes with.

He is identified by his outfit of a woolen cowboy version of a Smurf hat, a red bandana around his neck, and shears on a belt. Wooly often talks with a Texan accent.

In "Wild And Wooly", the Smurflings accompanied Wooly on his annual trip to Molar Mountain on the first night of spring (also known as the "Night of the Wool") to shear the sheep of human shepherds while also leaving a basket of smurfberries as payment. Upon arriving, the Smurfs quickly get to work and start herding the sheep to find the best one. However, they accidentally encounter the son of a human shepherd, who captures Wooly and expresses his dislike for him taking wool from his family's sheep. Just then Gargamel appears and spooks the sheep, but luckily the Smurflings use what they learned from Wooly to help the boy shepherd herd the sheep back to safety while a wolf chases off Gargamel. After everything calms down, the boy is thankful but still cannot let Smurfs take the wool as his family needs it to make income during winter. Wooly then defends his actions by explaining that he always leaves a big basket of smurfberries for the humans, but the boy shepherd explains that smurfberries have no value to humans and that they're far too small for them. The Smurflings then use Papa Smurf's magic kit to turn the smurfberries into gold, which now makes the exchange reasonable for the boy shepherd. Upon returning to the village, Wooly bids farewell to the Smurflings until he is needed again and rides off over yonder.

In "Sleepless Smurfs", Wooly along with Lazy, Smurfette, and Snappy accompany Papa Smurf to the Land Of Nod to find out why none of the Smurfs can sleep.


1980's Cartoon Show

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Smurf Videogames

Smurfs' Village

Wooly Smurf appears in the Smurfs' Village game, where his hut can be purchased.

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